Can't use Alt+Function Key as hotkey


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Hi, recently wanted to replace Shadowplay Instant Replay with OBS's Replay Buffer, as I had issues with audio.
I wanted to use the same hotkey for saving the buffered video as I did with Shadowplay, which was Alt+F10, but noticed that for some reason OBS doesn't recognize it when I try to add it. What's weird to me is that Control+Alt+F10 gets recognized as a valid combination, and Alt+Non F Keys also work. Is there a way I could use Alt+F10 as a hotkey in OBS? I'm running it as an admin, if that matters.

Thank you


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Kind of weird that I found this post from 2 weeks ago with the same question I have and we use the same hotkey. Did you end up figuring out a solution?


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Alt+F10, but noticed OBS doesn't recognize it

Are you running OBS as admin? if not, do it.
Are you running another program that may be using that combination of keys? Normally this can be solved by simple closing the other program or running OBS as admin.

Some times another program takes control of the keystrokes (don't know a better way to describe this) and you can fix it running OBS as admin.