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I am a new streamer, I design my own overlays and alerts, to finish my overlay, I am looking to create custom toggle message in obs like overlay expert.

For example: OBS have hotkeys for their toggle messages, which only allow for one key to be a toggle message unless you do a combination with command, alt, control, fn or shift.

However, Overlay.Expert allow for customization like: !StreamOn !Scene1 (!CTR = !ChatTopRight).

Overlay.Expert also allow for viewers to have control over certain toggle message if the streamer wants that to be so. On the Other Hand, OBS do not allow for viewers to have control over certain toggle messages.

But OBS do allow for extra toggle messages to be used for one layer which Overlay.Expert do not do. So, I was wonder, do anyone know a program like this, or a plugin for OBS, or know someone who know someone who could get in contact with OBS. Because this is a good function that all overlay program should have as a standard along with unlimited nesting layers for organization. Plz get back to me fast being creating this design almost a month.