1. MMLTech

    Free PUBG Scoreboard for tournament streamers v0.0.3

    PUBG Livestream Scoreboard Powered by Documentation Discord The PUBG Scoreboard is a scoreboard used in PUBG private or public tournaments. It comes wrapped in a simple jQuery/PHP project that can be used locally on a...
  2. G

    Non-Free Timer and Scoreboard

    Timer (pre-tuned for soccer matches) and easy-to-use scoreboard for OBS. Timer functions: 1. Start 2. Stop 3. Half time 4. Determining time Scoreboard functions: 1. left click increases goals (or points) 2. right click reduces the goals (or points) - in case we increased them by mistake. Easy...
  3. JEJ

    OBS Lua Score Board 0.1

    OBS Text Source based scoreboard triggered with hotkeys. 1: Use this for the timer 2 to 5: Assign a <text source> for a numeric incriment container Design any layout you need Update values with a Hotkey! Add Text Sources as needed. Assign Hotkeys to add or subtract points To use this...
  4. TheLittleDoctor

    Free GameMaster v2.1.1

    GameMaster is a Python-based sports scoreboard tool for OBS. In addition to basic scoring functionality, GameMaster can also manage game times, periods, and any other stats or variables related to the sport at hand using a simple JSON configuration file. Quick-start guide GameMaster is...
  5. discorny

    OBS Python Sportzcast LiveXML Text 0.3

    Modified from Jim's I am not a programmer, so use at your own risk. I hacked this together one day because I needed to get data from a Sportzcast Scorebot into OBS. This uses the XML file created by Sportzcast's LiveXML software and looks for text sources with names that match XML...
  6. KevinZheng

    Free Football Scoreboard 2021-11-25

    Scoreboard that is built on python and has a live display so you can bring it into OBS with window Capture. Step 1: Download the main repository from Football-Scoreboard and extract it. Step 2: If you're on Windows install python either from or the Microsoft...
  7. R

    Free American Football Scoreboard for Windows

    An application for managing text files for displaying scoreboard values for American Football. The values of the text files can be shown in OBS as text sources.
  8. Deviaphan

    Free "Versus" (c) OBS Scoreboard 1.10

    Scoreboard for online broadcasting of E-Sports games through OBS. You can create own themes for any games with simple html5/css3 files. I need your feedback and reviews, this is important for further development and improvements. YouTube tutorials (playlist)
  9. Tim Elliott

    Free PED Scoreboard 0.6.0

    This is Windows scoreboard software that works in 2 ways: It creates and maintains the small text files that OBS reads to automatically update text sources. It creates a Scoreboard window that can be added as a source to your scenes. Baseball is first, with inning progress (TOP 1, MID 1, BOT...
  10. P

    Free Universal Scoreboard - Windows Only 2.0

    The application has one control window and one viewing window. In the streaming application you just create an overlay and capture the viewing window and you are good to go. The viewing window is managed by the control window or by setting up keyboard shortcuts. In the control window you can...
  11. T

    Non-Free TurboStats for Basketball with Scorebug

    Full featured live scoring basketball program with optional new scorebug that works great in OBS and provides a running clock, scores, fouls, bonus, timeouts and even can display live player stats updates. This application is the lite version of TurboStats but it also works with our full...
  12. kopsap4ik

    Free ScoreBoard for OBS on MacOS 1.2

    Scoreboard for online broadcasting of sports games (hockey, football and others) through OBS. The program counts the time (timer and countdown), keeps the goals and period (half), and also shows the team names. You can download the ScoreBoard v0.5 for free (simple stable version). New versions...
  13. R

    Free Sport Scorebugs Soccer Pro 1.38

    So, here is my first application for sports events. It is a very simple and nice (I hope) application that will be useful for you. 1. Download it. Windows Defender will say it is not safe, ignore. 2. Launch 3. Explore 4. If you liked it share and Donate )) 6. There will be updates but hard to...
  14. K

    FEATURE REQUEST - Built in GFX for lower thirds, etc

    Hello. This is a feature request. I am looking for a simple basic way to produce lower thirds... They don't have to be extremely fancy, but something that would be updatable when doing live productions quickly. And a related thing would be basic "sports" team scoreboard... Just a simple graphic...
  15. W

    Question / Help Noob support: Scoreboard Help

    G'day all, I've searched the forums and found information about installing scoreboard apps to be able to manage live scoreboards while streaming. However, I am completely incompetent with this stuff. I've tried scoreboard+ but when I try insert the text files it doesn't come together well. I...
  16. S

    Non-Free FlexyScore

    FlexyScore is a web based SCOREBOARD system that manage different sports like: Soccer Basketball Volleyball Tennis Rugby Hockey Baseball Handball Boxing Table Tennis and munch more... You can manage your sport matches from any device (PC, Tablet or smartphone) and integrate the scoreboard on...
  17. F

    Free Another scoreboard application ^^,

    Hello, Unzip and start ScoreboardApp.exe and you're all set! In order to control OBS you also need obs-websocket plugin enabled and OBS running. -------------------------- This is pretty much the same application as Scoreboard+ but with a few different features. The operator that's updating the...
  18. D

    Question / Help Scoreboard Using Stat Crew XML File

    Pretty new to OBS and I have almost zero knowledge of programming languages. I've searched, but haven't come up with a solution to my issue. I work in college athletics, and would like to add a scoreboard to our live broadcasts using the XML file generated from our Stat Crew programs. I'm using...
  19. M

    Question / Help Scoreboard for individual sports

    Hi I am looking for scoreboard which is used for individual sports, not for team vs. team or player vs. player. I am looking for the scoreboard which is for example used in skiing results or athletics where there are names and times next to them (perfect use would be to connect it to stopwatch)...
  20. JettWilliams

    Free Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

    JettWilliams submitted a new resource: Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller - A controller for overlays, VODs and data on competitive gaming streams. Read more about this resource...