TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software

Free TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software v1.0.2 Beta


Made by the creators of Scoreboard+ and GameMaster

TeleScore is an open-source customizable live stream/in-person scoring utility. Designed to be flexible to accommodate scoring and timing different sports, both TeleScore's controls and outputs can be modified to best fit your needs. The program allows for both text outputs and graphical output to simplify setup and operation. TeleScore aims to be easy for the beginner but feature-rich enough for professionals.

Discord/Support/Community: Invite Link

Tutorials (Provided by Fisk31):

Features include:
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Customizable and savable layout
  • Hotkey support
  • Multiple Timer/Stopwatch
  • Score/Points/Period
  • Image support
  • Window/Projection mode
  • Text output
  • Always on top
  • Fully open source
Upcoming features:
  • Team import and export
  • Browser source mode
  • Remote web control
  • Plugin support
  • Stream Deck support
  • Animations/Transitions
  • OCR
  • Improved editor: copy/paste/undo/redo
  • macOS/Linux





* Scoreboard graphics in the GIF images are not included.​

- Images aren't saved directly to the project files. The user must re-import image files if the project file is moved to a different computer.
- This software is currently in beta; please report any bugs and glitches.

Made with love by your JumpShot Team
- JumpShot team is composed of (riscyseven, TheLittleDoctor, Fisk31, controldelta, Glenn, SPCcleveland9035)
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Latest updates

  1. Added a general template, fixed bugs

    Fixed tabs not showing up as it's own task name Fixed crashing issue in start menu Added a...
  2. Bug fixes and minor UI update

    Fixed time format in set time component. Locking component information is now saved to the...
  3. TeleScore V1.0 Beta

    Hello everyone, We have made a free and open source customizable Scoreboard software that can...

Latest reviews

Thank you for this software. This software could be used for other purposes also. I have made a Cricket scoreboard layout from this software. It is almost working but needs some more features. thanks again.

Here is my yt link:
Perfect for Athletic Competitions or eSport Gaming Competitons.

While it is still in Beta, it has the ability for users to create their own scoreboard how they want it instead of being restricted by a preset.

With the way it is now, you are able to do many things other scoreboard applications are able to do, but with the exception of it being fully customizable and free.

It can be a little intimidating to use at first since you have to learn what each component does, and learn how connections work, but once you mess around with it and learn what you can do, it can be a very powerful tool for any streamer, broadcaster, or play by play announcer.