1. C

    Superbowl auto-update scorecard graphic HELP

    Hello! I'm very much a giant noob to all of this so sorry if I'm dumb. I'm looking to add a score card that auto-updates to my stream for the superbowl today. I'm coming to find this is a big ask haha I've been researching all morning but all I've found are scorecards I have to update or some...
  2. TeleScore

    Free TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software V1.0.1 Beta

    TeleScore Made by the creators of Scoreboard+ and GameMaster TeleScore is an open-source customizable live stream/in-person scoring utility. Designed to be flexible to accommodate scoring and timing different sports, both TeleScore's controls and outputs can be modified to best fit your needs...
  3. Droelei

    Free Spotify Widget For Tuna Plugin 1.0

    look here to know how to install it
  4. B

    Free Easy-Weather-App 2.1.3

    Uses, Open Weather's free API, that can pull temperature and conditions from all over the world; 1000x a day, all for free. With minimal setup, you can set it up, and custom it yourself, but you will need a "coding text editor". Small, but effective; Follow the Readme, and hopefully you will...
  5. R

    Free Wrestling Captions 1.0

    Hi guys, Scoreboard App is here. Today I’d like to introduce you Free Wrestling Captions. It works in a slightly different way so check out the Tutorial. Please share your feedback by E-mail or on Telegram Channel. If you want to support me and donate 5€, find links down below. One time...
  6. OWN3D

    OWN3D Pro - Alerts, Overlays & Widgets 1.4.7

    What is OWN3D Pro? OWN3D Pro is an all-in-one solution and opens up a colorful world of more than 400+ high-quality assets for you as an OBS user to take your stream to make your stream more personal than ever! Surprise your viewers with animated designs to match your current mood, your chosen...
  7. P

    Free SNAIL - Free Replay Software

    I'm working with my friend on first freeware slowmotion software. Something like VMIX replay. We are working on this and I think software will available about September. Before install, download and install this...
  8. mrjumpingjack

    Free Houston - MIDI Controller for OBS 5.0.2

    Houston formally known as "LaunchPadForOBS" enables you to control your OBS with any MIDI controller e.g Launchpad, but also supports virtual clients, so basically every browser can be your controller. Support for studio mode Preview scenes Switch between scenes Show/hide scene items Volume...
  9. loic2665

    Free HeartRateToWeb

    This program let you get your heart rate on your stream, this is open source, completely free. Audio is in French, but notes are in english. Features : Raw heart rate on a file Web version for a easy / more stylish mode Works even without an Internet connection Tutorial : Download the...
  10. StreamPanel

    Free StreamPanel App for every device

    StreamPanel App: Control your OBS and Twitch from one place (works wirelessly on most devices) Hey guys, I have a new web app that allows you to control and monitor your OBS and Twitch stream. To setup and get started, go down to the “Setup / Instructions” section of this post. Here is the...
  11. S

    Free SogeBot - Twitch Bot 14.14.1

    Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js Important links DISCORD: GITHUB: DOCS: ISSUES: RELEASES: FORUM...
  12. c3r1c3

    Free Post Production Tools You can Use

    So you've just finished your Ultra-Mega-Marathon Streaming session... but now you need to cut out those not-so-funny-parts, the false starts, all those flubs, add some lower thirds, clean up/normalize your audio levels, etc. In other words you want to take it up a notch. So you think "Hey I'm...