Free HeartRateToWeb

This program let you get your heart rate on your stream, this is open source, completely free.

Audio is in French, but notes are in english.

Features :
  • Raw heart rate on a file
  • Web version for a easy / more stylish mode
  • Works even without an Internet connection

Tutorial :
  1. Download the program here, and download the "obs-html-file" folder unzip it in the same directory of the executable, obs.html, css/js folders must be in the same folder of the executable.
  2. When launching the program, allow firewall rule. If it doen't show up, create a manuel rule for this program.
  3. Note the IP address and insert it in your watch. Port 6547 is the default one.
  4. Click on start, the program should receive your heartrate.
  5. In OBS create a Browser source and enter and set a size of your stream
    1. You can also use the obs.html file as a source.
    2. Or you can only create a text source and check "read from a file" to get the realtime heart rate.
  6. Enjoy
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