StreamPanel App: Control your OBS and Twitch from one place (works wirelessly on most devices)
Hey guys, I have a new web app that allows you to control and monitor your OBS and Twitch stream.
To setup and get started, go down to the “Setup / Instructions” section of this post. Here is the site link , and here are some of the features already working:

For Twitch:

  1. Monitor stream video
  2. Monitor chat
  3. Monitor recent follows and subs
  4. Monitor current status (stream title, game/category, total and current viewers etc)
  5. Button for running an ad
  6. Button for changing chat mode (slow mode, followers only, etc)
  7. Change stream title and game/category.
  8. Button to run a test stream.
  9. Button to moderate users (ban, mod, unmod, timeout). Just Touch or click a message in the chat.
  10. A “Commands” button that lets you create bot commands very easily, and without the need of a third-party bot (the bot will simply respond with your account using the “self” privilege). To make a bot command, you simply enter the name of the command (such as “!mouse”), and then enter what the response should be (such as “He is using a DeathAdder Elite mouse”).

For OBS:

  1. Switch scenes
  2. Mute devices
  3. Volume control for devices
  4. Start/Stop stream
  5. Auto-fetch your twitch stream-key and add it to OBS.
  6. Test stream.
  7. Add a counter to an OBS text and increment or decrement the counter in the text with a button (for example, create a text “I have 2 chicken dinners today”, and increase the “2” counter each time with a single button press.

PC/MAC Support: Works with Mac and Windows. Any device that has a browser.

WiFI Support: The app works on any device that has a web browser, and works wirelessly too (the OBS stream machine just has to be on your local network).

Free: The app as is, is free to use. It is a work in progress (very early alpha stage), and at one point we may introduce either special features that you pay for, or a “pro” paid version that includes the features. If and when the time comes, we will still be offering and supporting the free version. Even the free version will include a ton of features.

Long term plans: Assuming the product is loved and catches traction, I will keep adding features. I have a ton of features planned for it in the case it is a success. Some of these features include things that I have not seen other products do, but I need to see that people are interested in the product in order to devote the time required to it. If enough of you guys like it, I will work on it every day and constantly add features until it is hands down the superior product for all possible twitch/ OBS needs.

Current Stage: As mentioned, it is in extremely early alpha stage, but the features mentioned earlier are all working already. The site itself is still largely empty (only has home page, add will add the typical tabs later). This means the site itself, as well as the app, is still unfinished and a work in progress, but it is open now. As I develop it further, it will look better, work better, have more features, have less crashes etc, so by using it, you acknowledge that it may be buggy etc so please don’t hold that against it. I will mention known bugs/glitches, but feel free to report issues not on the “known” list. The is a part of why I am releasing at this stage. It works enough to where it can offer a service to you, and is also at the stage where it needs testing.

Who Are We: This project was created by me, and my cousin who is also a developer, joined to create the backend. I had the idea for this product before I learned how to develop, and was designing it, and describing how it should function in a “product manager” role. I then decided to pursue development since it seemed very fun, and so I did some self teaching, and finally attended and finished a coding bootcamp, where I began working on this project, which I have been working on since (while also working on other projects for clients).

Setup / Instructions: The setup is pretty simple and straightforward, and will only get simpler as it continues to be developed. You only need these steps for first time installation.

1) Install OBS web socket for your OBS If on windows, use “windows-installer”. If on Mac, use the “.pkg” file.

2) Confirm it is installed by opening OBS, clicking “Tools” on the top and seeing if it has a “websocket server settings” option. Dont change any settings in that section, since it only works with default settings for now.

3)Next, go to the StreamPanelApp website (no domain name added yet, so its just an ip address)

4) Click “Login”, it will take you to login to twitch and accept permissions.

5) Click accept (this will then give the app the required permissions to allow the functionality of controlling your twitch).

6) It will then redirect you to my site, and launch the app. It will automatically load your OBS and Twitch data. If OBS doesn’t load, it is because you need to have OBS open, so open it and just refresh the page. It may also just send you to a blank page with some error message about Twitch. Go to again and re-login and it should then work.

On future logins, you just go to the site and click login, and it will take you right to the app.

Known Issues:
* OBS Websocket only works through http. Chrome forces https, so you have to click the shield in the address bar and allow OBS Websocket to run from there. Its the only connection not https in the app.
1) If you launch the app with OBS closed, you will need to open OBS and then reload the page in order for the OBS features to work.

2) There is no “logout” button yet. To “logout” or switch accounts, you have to go to twitch and logout there, or clear your browser cache.

3) Site is lacking content (it is only a homepage right now). Will add other pages later, for setup instructions, etc.

4) “Presets” button either doesn’t work, or causes crash, so don’t use it. When it works, it will let you save presets so that you can change OBS profiles, stream title, game/category, with one button press (“ie a button to change your OBS to your “playing Fortnite” scene collection, change your title to “Lets play Fortnite”, change your game category to “fortnite”, with one button press.)

5) Some buttons don’t do anything. Buttons named “1, 2, 3, 4” don’t do anything yet.

6) Some functionality works both ways, and some does not, meaning that you can make some changes to OBS directly on the OBS app, and the StreamPanel app will update automatically to reflect changes, but some things do not. For example, changing a scene in OBS itself, will cause the SP app to switch to the newly selected scene, but muting an audio device in OBS will not cause it to show it as muted on the app. This is a limitation of OBS itself, and there is nothing I can do about it, so just try to keep your control changes inside the app, or learn which things will or will not work both ways.

7) There is no mobile version. It will run and work in mobile, but buttons will be tiny, content will look messed up etc. A mobile version will be done later that will not try to fit all the app on one page. This goes for any device. There are no “device-specific” modes yet, and so it will just scale to whatever the screen size is. It was created with a typical tablet screen size in mind, but still works great on normal and larger sized screens, but not so great on tiny screens like phones.

8) There is no way to message the chat yet. I don’t really see streamers typing in chat, but I will still add this functionality in. Same for whispers.

9) Some channels do not work for some reason. I have only ever found 1 channel where the emotes it used caused a crash, so I need more of these examples to help pinpoint what is happening. If your emotes cause a crash, let me know.

10) Random “twitch error” messages when logging in. Usually resolved by logging in again or refreshing.

11) Audio devices currently limited to 2, for muting purposes. If you have 3 or more, the app will work ,but only the first 2 devices will have a button for muting/unmuting.

12) Some new subs cause a notification ,and some do not. Still have to figure out what the difference is between them to fix it.

How to:

1) Use on wireless or second device: Just make sure your second device is connected to the same network as the machine with OBS is. Then, on the machine runnning OBS, log in to the app and click the “update” button on bottom left. Then, click “this machine has OBS”. With that, we will know which device has OBS, and save it. Now you can login on any device (with the same twitch account you used for the OBS machine), and it will automatically find OBS and connect.

2) Update Twitch title and Game / Category: In the app, click “update”, and then fill out the “Enter Game / Category” field and the “Enter title” field. If you leave one empty, it will only change the one you fill out.

3) Test stream: Just hit “test stream” instead of “start stream”. You can then stop the test stream with either of the two buttons.

4) Auto-fetch stream-key: You don’t have to do anything. The app will always auto get your current stream key when you click “test stream” or “start stream”.

5) Moderate: When someone chats, you can click their message, and it will bring up a menu of options for that user (mod, unmod, ban, etc).

6) Run Ad: Just click run ad. Remember the tthis will only work if you are partnered.

7) Logout / Switch accounts: Right now, you have to logout by going to twitch and logging out there, or by clearing your browser cache.

Security: We don’t currently store your stream key, and we never see your twitch password when you log in. When you log in, twitch confirms your password is correct, and if it is, it sends you back to our site and gives us a little code that says “this person is logged in, and this is his username, his email, the game he is playing, etc”, but doesn’t give us your twitch password. Also, this bit of code is reset and different every time you log in to the app. The streamkey, we do get from Twitch, but do not store. All of the permissions we ask for when you “accept” on the twitch “first time” login, correspond to some feature the app uses.

Please let us know what you think, what you like, what you’d like to see in the future etc. As mentioned, I have large plans for this app if people wind up liking it. Some features, I will announce ahead of time, while others will be secret until release because they are so unique and awesome. Here are a couple of examples:

1) Tweet button to automatically tweet out your predefined “come check out my stream” tweet. Will be able to be set to auto run when you hit “start stream”.

2) Auto detection of PSN / XBOX game to change “game category” on twitch to match (if and where possible, still researching).

3) Obvious additions, such as messaging, whisper, bot expansion (bot games, etc), more than 2 audio device mute buttons, presets, etc.

4) Start stream automation. Set the app to auto switch to “starting soon” scene, and then switch to whatever scene after, automatically after a set time period.

5) Flip cam position on screen, to match game playing (ie, when certain games require your cam to be in a different spot to not block crucial content, I can make the app automatically handle this for you).

A lot more!


1) Scene switcher / timer . Click the "ALEX" button to create a sequence of scene switches. Choose starting scene, an amount to wait (in seconds), and what scene to switch to. You can string them as long as you want, and if you end a sequence with a "time", it will turn it into a loop that restarts after it ends. (Issues: There is currently no way to cancel an existing loop, so you have to refresh the page to stop it)
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