OWN3D Pro - Alerts, Overlays & Widgets

OWN3D Pro - Alerts, Overlays & Widgets 1.4.7

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
Source Code URL
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
We are compatible with OBS 28: Just download the latest version of the OWN3D Pro installer from our OWN3D Pro Dashboard. Just follow the download button here in the forum.

What is OWN3D Pro?

OWN3D Pro is an all-in-one solution and opens up a colorful world of more than 400+ high-quality assets for you as an OBS user to take your stream to make your stream more personal than ever! Surprise your viewers with animated designs to match your current mood, your chosen game, the season, or the holidays. You can either use our free version or unlock more than 400 assets for a small monthly fee.

OWN3D Pro offers:
  • Twitch Alerts feature with more than 200+ alert designs and sounds
  • Twitch Chatbot integration
  • Twitch Stream Labels (last follower, last subscriber,...)
  • 400+ Premium Overlays with 1-Click installation, stinger transitions and more
  • Countdown Widget for your Stream Starting Scenes
  • Internationalization: OWN3D.pro is currently available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brasil), and French.
  • Royalty-free music for streamers

We are looking forward to getting feedback from the OBS community to make OWN3D.pro even better in the future.

OWN3D.pro is a project by OWN3D.tv

You might remember hearing about OWN3D before, but we have nothing to do with the famous streaming platform from 2009. OWN3D is a brand new company, founded in 2018 and offers worldwide the largest selection of overlays, emotes, and more. In 2020, we were an official Sponsor of the OBS Project and support their contribution as our commitment to this open source project and their community. We believe in the project and in you, the creators.

OWN3D Pro setup guide:
  1. Connect your Twitch account with OWN3D.pro
  2. Log into your Dashboard
  3. Copy your license key
  4. Download our free OWN3D Pro OBS Plugin
  5. Start OBS Studio, open our plugin
  6. Enter your License key
  7. Download your preferred designs or alerts and configure countdown, donation page, and more.
Tutorial Video:


Please report any problems or bugs you notice while using OWN3D.pro in this thread and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.
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Latest reviews

I had problems with the license key at the beginning, but the live support on they site helped me with the installation. The selection of designs is huge and easy to install and change. Finally you can choose themes in OBS. Highly recommend it!
This suffers from users being able to follow/unfollow and cause alert to repeat. This is a big issue as it allows for trolls to abuse the follow alert and ruin your stream.
Super fast installation and lots of different overlays. Really nice.