1. F

    How multiple hotkeys for multiple overlays ?

    Hello I am thinking about how to have individual overlays in OBS. I work alone. I handle the camera and OBS direction. The scenes are already configured and work well. I use a numpad next to the tripod to control the scenes. The events I stream have 32 players. My goal is to display the...
  2. N

    My files are downloaded but will not show on OBS or Streamlabs

    Alright, I'm going to do my best to explain this. I bought a new overlay setup (which I can't get a refund on). I went to import the files into OBS so that I could set up mu overlays for stream and everytime I go to import the files, it shows through OBS that the files do no exist. It does not...
  3. overlays.uno

    Free (With Signup) Animated Browser Overlays with Dockable Controls

    Animated Overlays with Control Panels Live overlays for streaming - OBS Tool Description With overlays.uno you can edit and animate your overlays with easy-to-use dockable control panels. Explore and try any overlays for free without the need to sign up. Signing up for a free account allows...
  4. H

    Looking for CPU Saving suggestions before deciding to upgrade

    Hey Everyone, One of my first times posting on the forum... I've recently started streaming again after a while and went through the effort of upgrading my overlays, alerts, scenes, etc. What I didn't account for is how these alerts and overlays would affect my CPU performance. On my busiest...
  5. robotrobik

    Free Overstream.Studio | Animated widgets for sport streams

    Overstream Studio is a desktop application that allows you to place additional animated widgets on top of your stream, such as a ticker, participant information, teamplay score, current time, starting list table, animated logos. Every streaming software that supports browsers can use the...
  6. G

    need Hints to reduce Stress on Cpu Because of own-made Overlay

    Hi, first of all: im a Streamer since 3 months and i love it❤ now the Problem: I made my very own Overylay with GIMP and Davinci Resolve Fusion. I made some Panels with Animated Backroung and Finally a big Gameframe with an animation. I was scared how big such files can be. The Frame has a...
  7. OWN3D

    OWN3D Pro - Alerts, Overlays & Widgets 1.4.7

    What is OWN3D Pro? OWN3D Pro is an all-in-one solution and opens up a colorful world of more than 400+ high-quality assets for you as an OBS user to take your stream to make your stream more personal than ever! Surprise your viewers with animated designs to match your current mood, your chosen...
  8. Twelve47Studios

    Free Emote Word Cloud Overlay

    Chat Cloud - Get OBS Url Here: https://twelve47studios.com/ Dynamic word and emote cloud. Parts of the cloud grow and shrink according to trending words and emotes in the chat. By default, it takes at-least 2 appearances of the same word within 30 seconds to trigger an effect. Emotes show up...
  9. Twelve47Studios

    Free Emote Combos Overlay

    Twitch Emote Combos Overlay Simple and quick to setup. Just click the link below, turn the app on, and paste the OBS link into a Browser source. - Get OBS Url Here: https://twelve47studios.com/ If chat manages to post the same emote multiple time in a row the combo counter goes up! How high...
  10. J

    Need help using text from source file, when input is from barcode scanner

    Good morning all. I have a question about text fields for overlay. I am trying to find a way to add a text overlay that I can change automatically using data that I input using a barcode scanner. Example, I scan the first barcode and the info for my first item populates in a box on screen, then...
  11. P

    Question / Help My OBS crashes every time after I stream for a while.

    Might have something to do with my Overlay preset (Bought it from Nerdordie) Here my crash log: https://obsproject.com/logs/5IV3tthOZGEq46sB Thanks!
  12. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    Question / Help Window Capture is black for Penguin Subtitle Player, but not for other windows

    Hello. On a laptop, I am trying to troubleshoot a Window Capture source that is appearing black. I am able to successfully use Window Capture for Chrome, Notepad, Zoom. However, I can't figure out how to make PenguinSubtitlePlayer.exe appear in Window Capture. Here is my Log File. I have...
  13. Clanes

    Question / Help Gamepad Display + Custom Images?

    Hi there! I'm helping set up a Stream Display for a friend. He's looking for something similar to any variety of Gamepad Display, only he wants it to be a character he draws for a web comic he runs. Assets aren't an issue as he's drawing them himself. But I'd like to know if there's a way to...
  14. Kat.SHAKR


    You can now use Shakr video templates to make overlay videos for your live stream! You’ve probably watched a live stream recently, and you may have noticed, before they start, they have an image or video teasing their live video. Throughout the live stream they also have overlay underneath and...
  15. JettWilliams

    Free Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

    JettWilliams submitted a new resource: Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller - A controller for overlays, VODs and data on competitive gaming streams. Read more about this resource...
  16. K

    Bug Report OBS 22.0.1 UPDATE: Overlays Resize / Change Constantly

    My friend and I are both experiencing this issue on our OBS. Any overlays that have are linked to streamlabs (view counter, donation bar, etc.) change in size. I will open OBS and they will be shrunken or enlarged from where I had them set last night. I will even switch scenes and their sizes...