Need help using text from source file, when input is from barcode scanner


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Good morning all. I have a question about text fields for overlay. I am trying to find a way to add a text overlay that I can change automatically using data that I input using a barcode scanner. Example, I scan the first barcode and the info for my first item populates in a box on screen, then when I scan each additional barcode the text updates to the new info for the next item, and so forth. Each time replacing the previous text. and the data does not need to be saved in a database, as all info is in the barcode.
I am currently using the window capture feature along with notepad++, but ideally I would like to use text from source to add it as an overlay.
I just need something that I can input the text (which is coming from the barcode) and have it overwritten or replaced and autosaved each time so that the text from source overlay will update with each scan.