1. H

    Looking for CPU Saving suggestions before deciding to upgrade

    Hey Everyone, One of my first times posting on the forum... I've recently started streaming again after a while and went through the effort of upgrading my overlays, alerts, scenes, etc. What I didn't account for is how these alerts and overlays would affect my CPU performance. On my busiest...
  2. LordTocs

    Free CastMate 0.2.3

    CastMate is a broadcast tool for twitch that lets you create viewer controlled automations which can change lights, play sounds, influence OBS scenes, affect overlays, send twitch chat messages, simulate input, and more. These automations can be set to run on chat commands, stream events like...
  3. L

    Widget's Not Working?

    I was able to get my chat and alerts working but sub count, goal and most recent followers will not show up. I've watched tons of tutorials and continue to get an empty block box. I would love to be able to actually use OBS for streaming but it's seeming a little impossible.
  4. D

    Is there an Twitch Alert plugin option one can use for streaminf in OBS

    Hi All, I am new to OBS. I have my streaming configuration setup and i noticed there isn't any add-on option to configure alerts when you are streaming for Twitch, YouTube etc. Is there a plugin for this? I did some research and the videos I see and recommending using other application like...
  5. M

    OBS doesn't show latest followor + doesn't pop up new folowers + donations ( DonationAlerts )

    So I recently started to stream throu OBS Studio. Donation goal works, its okey. But when people donate or follow, the alerts doesn't show up + i added recent follower and it doesnt update as well. I tried deleting the Browser Source, restarting OBS and etc, but nothing worked .
  6. C

    Notifications after shutdown

    I want to make 24/7 stream using OBS and Youtube. Now it works only about 12-16 hours and after that it says: 00:56:34.568: WriteN, RTMP send error 10054 (4097 bytes) 00:56:34.569: WriteN, RTMP send error 10054 (59 bytes) 00:56:34.569: WriteN, RTMP send error 10038 (42 bytes) 00:56:34.569: [rtmp...
  7. C

    Streamlabs and Streamelements alerts stop displaying and playing audio all of a sudden

    Everything was great, although did have the occasional issue with the alerts deciding not to play audio; but those were easy fixes. Now everything has changed and nothing works. I think the biggest change I've made to OBS was when I changed from Software encoding to Hardware encoding because my...
  8. J

    alerts not working

    I used to stream on twitch but then swapped back to youtube as i have more followers on there and i enjoy it more but when i swapped over i use the same alerts as i did on Twitch but they dont appear now im on youtube? Can anyone help me please would be much appreciate!
  9. T

    Alert Aligment Wrong Padding

    Good afternoon. I looked around the forum but found no information on this specific issue. I am using the original OBS studio. I am well diverse with it but I am having a problem aligning the text that should appear on top, below, or to the side of my custom image alert. I bought a customized...
  10. OWN3D

    OWN3D Pro - Alerts, Overlays & Widgets 1.4.7

    What is OWN3D Pro? OWN3D Pro is an all-in-one solution and opens up a colorful world of more than 400+ high-quality assets for you as an OBS user to take your stream to make your stream more personal than ever! Surprise your viewers with animated designs to match your current mood, your chosen...
  11. S

    Question / Help Donation alert

    Having an issue where my test alerts for donations show up on obs live, and donations show up on my Activity feed on OBS but won’t show on stream. I have the alert set as browser on obs. I get money on PayPal and the test alerts pop up on my screen, but whenever someone actually donates to me...
  12. B

    Question / Help OBS crashes on startup (Slobs when adding Alerts)

    Hey all, Recently I've been having issues with OBS crashing on me. OBS studio crashes on startup (I'll post the file below) and Slobs crashes when I attempt to install alerts and follower counts etc. I had them connected to Twitch originally, though I recently reinstalled Slobs with a Mixer...
  13. A

    Question / Help Stream hears alerts, but I don't setting for a source.

    During intense moments on streams, i really need to be able to listen to my game and focus, but loud alerts often distract me. I know i can mute the sound on the service i'm using, but I would still appreciate it if stream could still hear the alerts going off.
  14. NaclyAF

    Bug Report Alerts cause crash (All the time, not just on alert)

    New streamer (1 week, so I'm probably garbage). Description: My system: I am running OBS Studio for my brand new 2019 iMac 21 inch with upgraded RAM to 32gig. All other is base iMac. 1: I added a "source" as a "browser" to show my alerts using "" 2: A test follower worked. (test...
  15. Q

    Question / Help Audio Ducking When Stream Alerts Occur (StreamLabels)

    I have audio ducking enabled through a compressor for my mic to desktop/game audio, but I would like to know if there is way to duck desktop/game audio when an alert occurs (it is a source and not an audio input). For example, someone follows/subscribes to my channel during a live stream on...
  16. C

    Question / Help Won’t connect to Streamlab Win10, but does on Mac (same comp)

    I have a MacBook that is Boot Camp with the full version of Windows 10. I have Streamlabs attached to my Twitch account and it works without issues on OBS when I’m on the Mac side. However, when I am on the Windows side, it doesn’t display any of my alerts or even the tests. I’ve uninstalled...
  17. JonesGaming

    Question / Help I can hear my alerts when i am in another scene?

    Hello, as the title says i can hear my alerts when i am in another scene where alerts are not included. So i have my talk scene using webcam, background image, chatbox and my alerts. I then switch into my Gaming scene having the gamesource, my webcam and the Streamlabs event list. If someone...
  18. Chris Fehr

    Question / Help Can't get pop up alerts in facebook

    So I go to my game streamer dashboard and copy the url from alert pop up and paste into a browser source on OBS. Only problem is I get a log on screen from fb within my stream. Any help?
  19. S

    Question / Help OBS isn't displaying my alerts

    I recently started using a new setup for my alerts, one I paid for and didn't make myself. It uses custom coding to create the alerts instead of images etc. But after i added it my alerts don't show up when someone follows (not sure about the others since they cant sub or donate to me yet), or...