Alert Aligment Wrong Padding


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Good afternoon. I looked around the forum but found no information on this specific issue.

I am using the original OBS studio.
I am well diverse with it but I am having a problem aligning the text that should appear on top, below, or to the side of my custom image alert. I bought a customized image alert from nerd or die ( cant remember. But either or and even the stock images do not align the name or donation number with the image.

I know I can edit the HTML or CSS file and add a line for [padding 20x] alight left or right. However no matter the value I put to any direction the msg does not alight together. I have the custom alert dead center but that's it :/

Does anyone have any idea on what to do?

I am using the original (updated version) of OBS for streaming but I am also using to do the alerts through the (URL).

I have tried to unlink my streamlabs account and re-link everything however this does not fix the issue.

Thanks in advance