CastMate is a broadcast tool for twitch that lets you create viewer controlled automations which can change lights, play sounds, influence OBS scenes, affect overlays, send twitch chat messages, simulate input, and more. These automations can be set to run on chat commands, stream events like raids, channel point redemptions, bits, and more. Additionally CastMate profiles can change which automations are set to run and which channel point rewards are available automatically based on just about anything including your active OBS scene and number of viewers. Spend less time configuring and more time interacting with viewers.



Actions are the building blocks of an automation. They do simple things like send a message to twitch chat, play a sound, or change the color of your HUE lights.



Automations are a list of actions that can be run by various triggers. They can be used to sequence multiple actions to happen together. Such as synchronizing lights and sounds together, controlling multiple HUE lights at once, changing OBS filters to match sounds, and more.



Profiles are a way to set which automations are to run by which triggers. Profiles can be configured with activation conditions. When a profile's activation conditions aren't met the commands and channel point rewards inside of it won't be available. This lets the streamer create contextual commands and rewards available only during a certain part of the stream.

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  1. 0.2.3 - New Logo, Who Dis... Again

    0.2.2 had some boot issues. This update just fixes that. Sorry everyone!
  2. 0.2.2 New Logo, Who Dis?

    New Stuff: New Logo! Add Create Clip Action: Creates a clip on twitch of the last 30 seconds...
  3. 0.2.1 - Cooldowns, Previous Scenes, and Emotes

    Cool Downs Chat Commands now have an optional cool down to prevent spam. (Thanks FitzBro and...