1. B

    podcast Equipment help plz

    I have gotten this bundle - Podcast Equipment Bundle, BM-800 Recording Studio Package with Voice Changer, Live Sound Card - Audio Interface for Laptop Computer Vlog Living Broadcast Live Streaming YouTube TikTok (AM100-V8) that you can find on amazon (i got though a dif means though)...
  2. MiaDevlin69

    Groups with Sound Issues

    I have a scene collection called Seasons. When I make a group (visual on.) ( See image of sources) However, if I add a sound to the group, even with OBS monitoring its output. I only want the sound to play once when the group is active. I have noticed that the sound is always active even...
  3. LordTocs

    Free CastMate 0.4.12

    CastMate is a broadcast tool for twitch that lets you create viewer controlled automations which can change lights, play sounds, influence OBS scenes, affect overlays, send twitch chat messages, simulate input, and more. These automations can be set to run on chat commands, stream events like...
  4. G

    Desktop sounds in OBS disappears (Rus/Rus screens)

    The sound will play (pair msec), and immediately disappears when changing devices in the Audio settings (Rus/Rus screens) Drivers reinstall many times.. I hear sound from the computer! (On the screen from the vlc video file, the sound is heard) Help please Sreens + Log file + Drivers (realtek)...
  5. sonicgalaxy27

    OBS no audio when recording

    Hey guys. I got a small problem. How do I get the game audio to have sounds. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video. Is there a way to solve this issue. I need help with this problem please.
  6. S

    Question / Help How can I hear stereo game sounds while I streaming?

    I can hear game sounds while streaming with recording my voice. But the sounds I can hear are always mono sounds. If I set up another headset for monitoring, can I play games with hearing stereo sounds with it? Or, is it not good because of the delay of the game sounds? I need your help who has...