Groups with Sound Issues


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I have a scene collection called Seasons.

When I make a group (visual on.) ( See image of sources)
However, if I add a sound to the group, even with OBS monitoring its output.
I only want the sound to play once when the group is active.

I have noticed that the sound is always active even when the group is off.
I am sure I did this before and it worked. Now it does not.. what am I doing wrong?

obs 2022-09-12 000114.png
OBS3 2022-09-12 000342.png


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Well, I think the command for the file, I made to play let it snow. Was broken. I made a new instance and it played. But the old instance was still there. I shut down OBS and restarted it.. and all is ok with the world. Odd isn't it?

I was going to delete this question. but I think it might be helpful if someone has the same issue. Have a great day!