• Fix Elgato Light Strips not being identified as something that you can change the color of
  • Fix TP-Link Kasa lights not switching to color mode after they've been in color temp mode
  • Add a setting for a custom TP-Link UDP Broadcast subnet incase you have your smarthome on a separate subnet.
  • Hopefully fix CastMate not reconnecting to SpellCast after your computer has been asleep



  • Hopefully fixed startup blocking crash from being unable to broadcast lan packets.
Sorry it's been a bit since I've updated this resource post. CastMate has been under heavy development though!


CastMate now has an overlay system. Use the WYSIWYG interface to build custom browser source overlays for OBS

Smart Lights & Plugs

CastMate integrates with smart lights and smart plugs from many different brands!

  • Philips HUE
  • TP-Link Kasa
  • Govee
  • Elgato
  • LIFX
  • Wyze

Stream Planner

CastMate allows you to set up your titles and tags ahead of time for easy switching in the middle of a variety stream.
0.2.2 had some boot issues. This update just fixes that. Sorry everyone!
New Stuff:
  • New Logo!
  • Add Create Clip Action: Creates a clip on twitch of the last 30 seconds.
    • Sorry it's not configurable, it's a limitation of twitch's api
  • Support Mouse4 and Mouse5 button presses for mouse click action (Thanks DonMortis)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix autocomplete in obs filter actions not completing scene names. (Thanks GraveEmbrace)
  • Fix empty chat commands not matching every chat message (Thanks dix0nm8)
  • Fixed Input emulation not working in some games (Thanks DonMortis)
  • Fixed click and drag weirdness in the action editor
  • Fix action queue bug stopping chat command permissions from functioning properly

Cool Downs​

  • Chat Commands now have an optional cool down to prevent spam. (Thanks FitzBro and CasinoCypher for the suggestion)

Previous Scene​

  • A new action has been added to the OBS plugin that acts like a back button in a browser, but for OBS scenes.
    • Useful for triggers to change to a scene temporarily and then return to your original scene!

Emotes Overlay Update​

(Overlays are still in an experimental state, they don't have UI for configuration yet)
  • Accessible with browser source set to (http://localhost/emotes.html)
  • The emotes overlay now supports BTTV, 7TV, And FFZ third party emotes. (Thanks camelul for the suggestion)
  • The emotes overlay now supports animated emotes!
  • Added URL params spawnX, spawnY, spawnAngle, spawnSpread to allow configuration of where the emotes appear (Thanks VerboseToast for the suggestion)
    • Angles specified in degrees.


  • The Minecraft RCON plugin now correctly reconnects to the server after it loses connection, and will attempt connection when settings have been changed.

UI Improvements​

  • Units have been added to actions with measurements, mostly time inputs.
  • Icons have been added to boolean inputs so the they display more intuitively

Dev Junk​

  • The twitch plugin now has lastFollower as a state option, useful for displaying the user who last followed. lastSubscriber is delayed due to API limitations.
  • Reduced Log Spam
  • Added some defaults to make actions behave better without editing.
Trigger Overhaul
  • Triggers have been made easier to use with a completely new interface in the profile page.
    • You can now see small previews of the automation that is bound to the trigger.
  • Triggers now have per-trigger configuration data allowing for much more user friendly and flexible triggers.
    • All the chat triggers have been merged into one chat, with permission switches in their config
    • All the number based triggers now have explicit ranges, allowing for overlapping triggers
  • Profile triggers can now have inline automations, you no longer need to make a whole automation file for short commands. Simply edit in place in the profile.
  • When editing a profile trigger you can now see the variables it supplies to actions so you can use the {{ template }} system without inside knowledge.
  • Existing profiles will automatically upgrade to the new style/format
Improved UI
  • Added click & drag indicator to help newcomers understand how to build automations
  • Fix numerous issues with the click and drag of actions from the toolbox
  • Better styling on schema driven UI
  • Navigation menu has been reorganized to be more user friendly
OBS Integration:
  • Added media controls
  • Added volume controls
Twitch Integration:
  • Added ability to get a raider's stream category for shoutouts.
  • Current variable values can now be edited by clicking on their current value in the Variable pane
  • Fixed issue with deleted variables not clearing out their value.
Dev Junk:
  • Updated to the latest stable electron
  • Update pass on packages
  • Pruned unused dependencies