scene change

  1. H

    Game Capture black screen in between scene switch

    Hello! I wanted to add some basic scenes to my obs today (starting soon, back soon, ending soon) and after adding these scenes I'm now encountering the problem of my game capture not working anymore. 1) Whenever I choose a scene besides the game capture, and then I click the game capture...
  2. G

    Preview doesnt change scene

    Hello everyone, since this morning I have been facing the following issue: after starting OBS, I only see one scene in the preview - in my case, my break scene. Clicking on another scene doesn't change the preview. It's like a permanent background image that sits on top of every scene. Is this a...
  3. W

    Cut to Preview Scene after Video is finished

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking guidance on how to configure OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to automatically switch to a preview scene when a video has finished playing during a live session. Could someone please provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this? I want OBS to seamlessly...
  4. W

    Cut to Preview Scene afte Video is finished

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking guidance on how to configure OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to automatically switch to a preview scene when a video has finished playing during a live session. Could someone please provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this? I want OBS to seamlessly...
  5. N

    Scene change not visible in Jitsi-Meet

    Hello everyone, I installed OBS on Debian Linux. If you open a Jitsi-Meet session with the Chrome web browser (Firefox does not recognize the virtual camera), only one scene is displayed. A scene change only happens within OBS, but is not forwarded to Jitsi-Meet in browser. Here you can...
  6. M

    Scene capture vanishes when moving scene layer

    Hiya, I'm having a bug with the current build of OBS. I had it prior, and I thought I had solved the problem, but it's back and irritating as ever. The Bug: I make a [Game Capture], and the game captures fine. I move the capture layer down to my GAMES capture folder to keep scene collection...
  7. D

    Is it possible to switch scenes and have a function?

    Hi my name is Desty and I'm working on fixing up my OBS scenes with the help of MixItUp and I've ran into a sort of bottle neck. What I'm trying to accomplish is having two fully function and separate randomizer wheels, made through StreamLabs, that can be triggered through Twitch Channel Point...
  8. Cheddare

    Workarounds for not fading monitored audio

    Hi, this might be a bit of an unusual problem - some time ago I found out that OBS has all the functionality that I need to mix audio for my RPG sessions (private "at home with friends" kind of sessions): Custom Scenes Looping Audio Smooth Transitions Remote Control etc. I've tried to play my...
  9. SaveTheHuman5

    Free (With Signup) YourDirectorAI | FREE OBS AI Camera Switcher 1.2

    AI Video Switching. Switch your video scenes in an unattended automatic way, in real-time. Improve your live streams, virtual meetings, presentations, or classes. Save time on the creation of your videos. Add a pro look to your Webcam streams, or DSLR stream setup. YourDirectorAI works with any...
  10. ddflink

    Scenes not changing on Zoom

    Since the version after 27.2.4, when changing scenes in OBS, the screen on Zoom goes blank. I then need to restart the virtual camera for the selected scene to appear on Zoom. Any suggestions, other than going back to 27.2.4?
  11. S

    Clicking Off OBS Causes Transition

    Currently trying to help a client with their PTZ (using a VLC IP stream) set up. They have several scenes which involve their PowerPoint presentation (which is captured with Monitor Capture). When clicking off of OBS to change the camera angle in the undocked version of PTZ Optics Controller...
  12. C

    OBS crashing

    Hi I encounter very annoying issue for 2 weeks now My OBS crash every time I try to switch between scenes and it's getting worse every day What should I do ? I can't continue like that ...
  13. N

    Obs crashing when switching scenes (or not)

    Hi, for a while, obs crash at least once on every stream i do. The issue often appears while i switch scenes but not every time. I have to wait at least 3 hours before the issue kick in. On my last stream to prevent it from crashing, i take care of not switching scenes but obs crashed anyway...
  14. C

    Switch Scene if Video Source has Transparent Pixels

    I have a situation when streaming where I have one video source that can either have transparency and be an "extra detail" in the stream, or it can have no transparency and be the main focus of the stream. Is there a way to get an automatic scene switch based on whether or not the source has...
  15. JeckNoTree

    Timed Automatic Scene switching

    Hi there everyone, I have a suggestion, about "scene switching" in OBS studio. It would be a "Timed-Automatic-Scene-Switch" Feature that changes each interval, to a new scene in a loop (seconds, minutes, or hours), maybe also randomized times (between 10-30 seconds) and scenes (random scene...
  16. J

    Tip activated scene switcher

    I am not finding one, but it would be amazing if you could add the option for web cam models. We have two cameras set up with different angles on a separate scene and recieving a certain tip activates that scene for X seconds. If there is something similar please let me know!
  17. LordTocs

    Free CastMate 0.4.12

    CastMate is a broadcast tool for twitch that lets you create viewer controlled automations which can change lights, play sounds, influence OBS scenes, affect overlays, send twitch chat messages, simulate input, and more. These automations can be set to run on chat commands, stream events like...
  18. L

    Making Audio start at the timestamp where the Previous Audio left off, after a Scene Change?

    Hello guys, so I was thinking about how in video games, you have music that changes smoothly depending on where you are in the game world. But instead of the new song starting from 0, it starts from where the previous song left off (Example below). I was thinking if it was possible to recreate...
  19. B

    Switching Scenes is causing glitchyness in video OBS

    I was trying to record a video where I switch between my game and a browser which I've done in the past but this time it caused the video to be glitchy. I tried to switch to a webcam instead of a browser same issue. Even when I restart my PC the issue continues. IM also using an Elgato stream...
  20. WowOrIsAnd

    Adding an option to check window names or similar exe's at Automatic Scene Switcher

    Like in games or in window capture, that would be so great since osu! and osu!lazer (probably many more games) using song name after you start playing and Scene Switcher just can't recognize it anymore