Making Audio start at the timestamp where the Previous Audio left off, after a Scene Change?


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Hello guys,

so I was thinking about how in video games, you have music that changes smoothly depending on where you are in the game world. But instead of the new song starting from 0, it starts from where the previous song left off (Example below). I was thinking if it was possible to recreate this effect in OBS when changing Scenes. I don't know if it already exists, if it does I can't find it.

The idea is this.
You have 2 different audio sources.
Audio 1 is in Scene 1.
Audio 2 is in Scene 2.

Scene 1 starts,
Audio 1 plays at 0:00,

Scene Change,
Audio 1 ends at 1:49,
Scene 2 starts,
Audio 2 plays at 1:49. Where Audio 1 stopped, instead of from 0:00.

If the two audio sources match each other's timestamps, it would be great if you could go both ways as well.

Zelda Skyward Sword: The Bazaar
00:00 At the beginning of this video the Background Music kicks in like normal,
00:06 but when Link gets close to one of the shops, the music changes to a different version of the song, associated with the Location of Link
00:11 once Link walks away from the shop it goes back to the normal version of the song
But the real kicker is that, when the song changes, it's just continuing from where the previous song left off. Making a really smooth transition.

If you continue watching the video, you'll hear how the different shops change the music. In order for that to happen that smoothly, each shop has a full unique version of the song that it seamlessly switches between when Link comes close or leaves. There's also a quick-fade in and out, I think, to not make it as jarring.

If someone actually decides to work on this, assuming it doesn't already exist, and it's possible to do,
Here's 2 identical soundtracks you can use for testing.
Bazaar (Normal)
Bazaar (Scrap Shop Version)

Thanks for reading!