multiple audio sources

  1. L

    Making Audio start at the timestamp where the Previous Audio left off, after a Scene Change?

    Hello guys, so I was thinking about how in video games, you have music that changes smoothly depending on where you are in the game world. But instead of the new song starting from 0, it starts from where the previous song left off (Example below). I was thinking if it was possible to recreate...
  2. drewjc75

    Nested scenes duplicate audio but don't show additional audio source in source list

    Here are the basics of what happened to me today: MS Teams meeting that I was broadcasting to a live event Nine people on a panel, each with their own scene set up that includes an NDI video source with audio muted, and a single NDI audio source ('active speaker' audio)—that same audio source...
  3. G

    Multiple audio sources

    i used this Blackhole software to capture my monitor audio and it works perfectly, but I would like to control every audio source separately. For example i would like to mute/unmute my discord chat without muting a youtube video i am watching during a stream.
  4. E

    OBS to set up online instrument teaching all "in the box" - an alternative use of the Desktop audio stream? Other tried and tested setups?

    I have currently set up OBS to provide all the sources to Zoom for my online bass guitar lessons: the video part is quite straightforward (single wide-angle camera plus logo) while audio is a bit more complex, as OBS controls and mixes all sources and sends them to Zoom via VB-Audio virtual...
  5. O

    How can I listen to my gameplay through my headphones and record it at the same time?

    I have been struggling to figure out how to record both mic input audio, AND gameplay sound that I hear through my headset simultaneously on my iMac with OBS. I have basically tried everything on the internet so if you have a solution to my problem, it would be much appreciated if you could...