Nested scenes duplicate audio but don't show additional audio source in source list


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Here are the basics of what happened to me today:
  • MS Teams meeting that I was broadcasting to a live event
  • Nine people on a panel, each with their own scene set up that includes an NDI video source with audio muted, and a single NDI audio source ('active speaker' audio)—that same audio source was in each person's scene (this was done so that regardless of whose video was being shown, anybody could speak and be heard)
  • I then created a "panel view" scene that nested each user's scene that was then arranged into a grid view, and the panel scene also had the active speaker audio source in it
Looking back on it, it seems obvious, but the audio source duplicated itself nine times, completely distorting and blowing out the audio signal.

However, because I could only see the one audio source, which looked like it was still at regular levels, I had no idea this was happening until people started reporting it during the event—I had all of the audio sources set to "Monitor Off"). I then had to remove the nested scenes and add the NDI video sources back in to replace them.

I had (wrongly) assumed that because they all used the same audio source, that it would not duplicate itself, and I also assumed that if an audio source WAS included in a scene, it would show in the list of audio channels.

Wouldn't this be considered a bug? In my mind it should be one or the other. Since scenes necessarily have other information that may be included (such as a lower third or other kind of overlay), I would think that it should be possible to include these into another scene without duplicating the audio. OR, conversely, if I have a need to include a scene in another scene that uses the same audio source, and it's going to duplicate it, I should have the ability to mute those scenes as part of the larger scene so that I COULD include them. As it stands, I had no way of muting the audio of the nested scenes on the fly. I would have had to go into each scene separately and mute the audio for them.

So it seems to me that in the case of a nested scene that has a duplicated audio source in it, one of these three things should happen:
  1. The audio source is not duplicated because it already exists (much like when doing a crossfade between two scenes that share the same audio source)
  2. The audio source IS duplicated, but a second channel shows up in the audio sources list
  3. The single audio meter for that duplicated source shows that there has been a bump in volume as a result of the duplicated sources, therefore showing that the audio being output to the stream is being overdriven
Or am I just completely off base here?