Obs crashing when switching scenes (or not)


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for a while, obs crash at least once on every stream i do. The issue often appears while i switch scenes but not every time. I have to wait at least 3 hours before the issue kick in. On my last stream to prevent it from crashing, i take care of not switching scenes but obs crashed anyway after 3 hours of streaming. Sometimes a graphic bug appears on the mixing audio part and sources selector part with checkboxes instead of the commons icons like the eyes for the visibility of sources and the lock icon. I was thinking it was related to a symptom of the issue because most of the time if i switch scenes while it appears obs crash most of the time. But maybe it's not related.

Can someone help me, please?

Sorry for my English it's not my main language.


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Check for plugins updates.
Spectralizer used to give issues to other people, and some times streamfx too. Same with other plugins you have.


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Can you provide a Crash Log? The logfile attached is a Session Log, and does not contain crash-data.

You can open OBS, go to the Help menu, Logfiles, Upload Last Crash Log and paste the URL it gives you here. We will be able to help more with that information.


oh! the crash looks like it's on the browser source (or a custom dock). Something interacting with it breaks it.


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Hi everyone.
Removing all custom dock was the solution. I tried to put one back but the crash came back. So I remove it, but the crash is still there.
Can someone help me again, please?
Any ideas

Hi again, please help me.

My stream is about multiple scene switching. Knowing that it can crash any time while switching scenes it's very frustrating.
Do I have to uninstall, and reinstall everything for solving the issue?

Thank you in advance.