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  1. G

    Sports Streaming Crowd Noise

    Hi everyone, I can't capture crowd noise in my football stream, can anyone help? I'm currently using Zoom Podtrack P4 as my audio input capture, one of my mic is the crowd noise mic. However, it sounded like we're recording in the game with no crowd, no band, no cheer leaders etc. Any...
  2. andrecoste

    Free (With Signup) Basket Score: real-time scoreboard for your live sports streaming

    Basket Score is a new platform that allows you to make professional live streaming by creating a custom board that shows all the information about the game in real time. Thanks to this tool it is possible to score points, fouls, timeouts and quarters of the game, so as to make the viewer’s...
  3. TeleScore

    Free TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software v1.0.2 Beta

    TeleScore Made by the creators of Scoreboard+ and GameMaster TeleScore is an open-source customizable live stream/in-person scoring utility. Designed to be flexible to accommodate scoring and timing different sports, both TeleScore's controls and outputs can be modified to best fit your needs...