TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software

Free TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software v1.0.2 Beta

  • Fixed tabs not showing up as it's own task name
  • Fixed crashing issue in start menu
  • Added a general template

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  • Fixed time format in set time component.
  • Locking component information is now saved to the project file.
  • Text align property is enabled for points component.
  • Fixed bugs
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Hello everyone,

We have made a free and open source customizable Scoreboard software that can be used in OBS via chroma key or text files. Features include: drag and drop editor, multiple layouts, tenth of a second support, and more.

The software is currently in beta phase and there are a lot to be improved upon. Love to get feedback and suggestions.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord!