ScoreSight - Free Open Source OCR tool for Gaming and Scoreboards

Free ScoreSight - Free Open Source OCR tool for Gaming and Scoreboards 0.0.7

Transform your broadcast with ScoreSight, a powerful scoreboard/game OCR tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Capture live video of your scoreboard or game application (from cameras, NDI, streams, files, screen capture) and effortlessly integrate them into OBS for seamless, dynamic visual scoreboards. Elevate your sports/e-sports/gaming content, delight your audience.

The BEST scoreboard OCR software that's Open Source and always Free!

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Visit and download the software free.

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  • Connect: USB cams, virtual cams, NDI sources, video files, HTTP / RTSP, Screen capture.
  • Adjust the OCR per-element: skew correction, rescaling, dilation, and many more...
  • Output to Text files (.txt, .xml, .csv)
  • Output: OBS websocket integration, direct vMix API integration, NewBlue FX integration
  • Up to x30/second refresh
  • Pause updates
  • Camera bump & drift correction with stabilization algorithm
  • Advanced OCR image binarization methods
  • Several OCR models for scoreboards and also general text
  • Unlimited custom scoreboard items / detection boxes
  • Unlimited devices, unlimited running instances on one device
Price: FREE. (compare $390/yr for the other software)

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Latest updates

  1. v0.0.7 - UI translation to 10+ languages, fix HTTP service, "dot counter"

    In this release: Adding "dot counter" for e.g. baseball strikes counting Fixing HTTP service...
  2. v0.0.6 - Bug fixing

    Fixing all kinds of annoying bugs Download: scoresight-linux-0.0.6.tar 200 MB...
  3. v0.0.4 - Update on change

    Adding the "Update on change" feature scoresight-linux-0.0.4.tar 189 MB...