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The OCR Plugin for OBS provides real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Text Recognition & Detection abilities over any OBS Source that provides an image - can be Image, Video, Browser or any other Source. It is based on the incredible Tesseract open source OCR engine, compiled and running directly inside OBS for real-time operation on every frame rendered.

If you're looking for a solution to read scoreboards (2 min video) - check out ScoreSight! (

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4 minutes​
  • Add OCR Filter to any source with image or video output
  • Choose from English model or Scoreboard model
  • Output OCR result to an OBS Text Source
  • Choose the segmentation mode: Single Word, Line, Page, etc.
  • "Semantic Smoothing": getting more consistent outputs with higher accuracy by "averaging" several text detections
  • Confidence threshold
  • Detection pattern hints
  • Running mode: every-X milliseconds, only run on image change
  • Output formatting (with logic!) using Inja templates
Coming soon:
  • More languages built-in (pretrained Tesseract models)
  • Allowing external model files
  • More output capabilities: Parsing, formatting
  • Output to more built-in OBS sources (Image, etc.)
  • Extracting text from complex image layouts
More tutorials coming soon!
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Latest updates

  1. v0.0.4 - Text detection mask output, File output, Fedora build

    In this release: Text detection mask to an image source of your choosing (composite with other...
  2. v0.0.3: OCR-on-change and output formatting templates

    Introducing new features: Run OCR on image change, with threshold Output formatting with Inja...

Latest reviews

Finally an OCR tool for OBS! Testing it this weekend for our Korfball-matches!
Works great for IRL broadcasting, but for some e-sports games (like Slapshot: Rebound) it has trouble detecting the font of the in-game scoreboard.
Simple plugin but powerful
thanks for the review! <3 what do you think would make the plugin more useful?
its work!
of course, i would like to have built-in warp and crop
Great ideas! I will add them to the roadmap. If you're looking to get it fast - submit an issue and I'll prioritize