artificial intelligence

  1. royshilkrot

    Detect - Object Detection, Tracking built-in OBS v0.0.1

    A plugin that allows you to detect >80 types of objects in any source, track them and apply masking. If you like this work please consider supporting it by sponsoring us on GitHub: and This work uses the great...
  2. royshilkrot

    Free LexiSynth - Live AI for Speech Transcription, Translation and Synthesis 2024-03-07

    LexiSynth is an AI language assistant for live interactions. Multi-lingual transcription speech-to-text, translation and synthesis in real-time for streaming and content creation, locally on your computer or using cloud AI vendors. Works on Windows and Mac! (Currently in Beta - give us feedback...
  3. royshilkrot

    OCR - Text Recognition & Detection built-in OBS v0.0.7

    The OCR Plugin for OBS provides real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Text Recognition & Detection abilities over any OBS Source that provides an image - can be Image, Video, Browser or any other Source. It is based on the incredible Tesseract open source OCR engine, compiled and...
  4. royshilkrot

    Polyglot - Real-time Local Translation AI Service for OBS v0.0.2

    Introducing "Polyglot" - Your Ultimate OBS Translation Sidekick! ("polyglot" is derived from the Greek words: "poly-" meaning "many" and "glōtta" (or "glōssa") meaning "tongue" or "language") Step into the world of seamless live streaming across languages with Polyglot, the real-time...
  5. filippoadessi

    Volleyball AI PTZ tracker

    Hello, I'm engaged with a youth volleyball club in Italy and I use OBS to stream their matches on youtube. I use my iPhones to stream a rtmp flow to a cloud server, mix flows on OBS and then restream to Youtube channel. But my live stream are static because I cannot manage pan, tilt and zoom...