Volleyball AI PTZ tracker


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Hello, I'm engaged with a youth volleyball club in Italy and I use OBS to stream their matches on youtube. I use my iPhones to stream a rtmp flow to a cloud server, mix flows on OBS and then restream to Youtube channel. But my live stream are static because I cannot manage pan, tilt and zoom during match.

I have seen expensive camera systems mad by Pixellot or Veo that follow, using AI proprietary systems, the ball during the match managing PTZ on their own. But those systems are expensive so they are not suitable for a non-profit volleyball school.

Digging on GitHub I've found a research that uses AI to detect many aspects of the volleyball game and I've thought: "Perhaps an evil genius on OBS Forum can take that research and package a solution that can pick a video stream that keep the entire court and virtually apply an automation to pan, tilt and zoom following data processed by the AI.

The plugin can be made modular in order to keep advantages of every AI capable of analyze video data (not only sports or Volleyball).

These are links where you can find more informations:
Filippo Adessi