1. J

    Python Script wont start properly on obs

    Hi, I've created a small Python program (, and you can find the attached files. The program is designed to move mp4 files from the C drive to another drive when a game is opened + to specific folder named after the game. However, I'm facing an issue: it only prints the message...
  2. adaendra

    Error "Attempted to insert context with duplicate name"

    Hi, I have a script which automatically change scene in Python, but when I change the scene collection and come back to the one with my script, I have the following error : Here is my script Do you have any idea about what can generate this ? or a way to clear the context please? Thanks...
  3. ysmd_

    OBS crashing/long opens because of the code based on python.

    I have a code on python (3.11) from pynput.keyboard import Key, Listener import pydub from pydub import AudioSegment from pydub.playback import play is_microphone_muted = False def sound_disconnect(): songd = AudioSegment.from_mp3("mute.mp3") play(songd) def sound_connect()...
  4. W

    Obs, Python and web socket : impossible agreement ?

    Hello everyone :), I have a very important little question about the web socket in Python. We want to ensure that certain text sources in our scene are updated using the web socket in Python. However, we have been trying for several weeks without any convincing results :/. I would like to...
  5. filippoadessi

    Volleyball AI PTZ tracker

    Hello, I'm engaged with a youth volleyball club in Italy and I use OBS to stream their matches on youtube. I use my iPhones to stream a rtmp flow to a cloud server, mix flows on OBS and then restream to Youtube channel. But my live stream are static because I cannot manage pan, tilt and zoom...
  6. A

    Using OBS Websocket with Psychopy (python)

    Hi there, I'm trying to set up code components in my psychopy script that connects to OBS websocket and starts and stops recording for different routines.I've successfully ran this python code in VS code but I'm running into errors when I try and incorporate it into python. Here is my code in...
  7. ramoses

    UNICODE for Python Install Path

    I've noticed that OBS won't recognize the path where Python is installed if it has any non-ASCII characters. I've spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out why OBS wouldn't recognize Python, then another 2 hours trying to set my embedded Python with variables and pip. That is totally not user...
  8. hieunekodesu

    I cant using obs browser source with localhost flask website

    this is my code from selenium import webdriver from import By from flask import Flask, jsonify, render_template, request import time url = "" driver = webdriver.Chrome() driver.get(url) stages = driver.find_element(By.XPATH...
  9. S


    Hey I am trying to get TEXT GDI+ to change when I run my python script. source_name = "yo" # Replace with the actual name of your OBS Text source text_properties = { "source": source_name, "text": text, "textFile": "", "outline": True...
  10. D

    Field value from dock module

    I'm trying to print out a field value from a dock module. The Twitch Stream Information dock has a title field, which sets the stream title on twitch. I want to use that field value to create a twitter post. The only thing I'm missing is, how do I extract that value. My code is written in python.
  11. C

    Customize Python Path on Linux

    On Windows there is a "Python Settings" tab that allows me to set my Python path to a virtual environment for OBS. This allows me to manage dependencies easily. However, on Ubuntu, it seems that OBS uses the system python without giving the user to switch to an alternate Python environment. Is...
  12. I

    How to add Media Source Local File with PYTHON

    I have a path such as 'D:\Cycling - My Mountain Route.mp4' how can I assign this path to OBS Media Source with websockets using PYTHON code ? I tried this : sourceName = 'Media Source' Local_file = 'D:\Cycling - My Mountain Route.mp4'...
  13. R

    Python, Hiding Rust Map

    Hi folks, I've been working on this for the better part of a week but simply cannot find an elegant solution. Ideally, AutoHotKey would solve my problems, or there's a "fancy" Python script available on the internets that would also suit my needs. But I'm a Mac guy, and AutoHotKey is not...
  14. kazzle101

    Free midiObsWS - Control OBS with a MIDI device. 0.3

    A program to allow OBS to be controlled by a MIDI device via obs-Websockets. This has been written to provide basic functionality; scene switching, volume control and allow operation of the main controls such as recording, streaming and the virtual camera. Written in Python 3.9, use OBS v28 or...
  15. amias

    OBS Python OBS-Cycle 1.0

    An OBS Python script that allows a hotkey to trigger a step through the scenes at a configurable interval
  16. R

    OBS stops responding when setting scene within timer callback (Python Script)

    Hi all, I've been working on a python script which is a countdown timer pretty much like the Advanced Scene Switcher, but with customised funcionality for myself. The timer callback seems to work just fine, however when I try to set the scene from within the timer_callback function, the log...
  17. R

    OBS crashes when switching scene during a timer_add (Python scripting)

    Hi, I'm still quite new to scripting for OBS and I'm trying to make a timer for switching scenes for my own purposes in python, since it's the language I'm the most used to. Inside my callback function for the timer, I added the obs.obs_frontend_set_current_scene(scene) which is causing OBS to...
  18. R

    (Python) Memory management in scripts?

    I don't usually write programs or scripts which require memory management, so I have been looking at some scripts which has code like obs_data_get_array and later on they release the array using obs_data_array_release. When do I have to release references? When I am doing properties references...
  19. I

    [Help] Python script OBS help needed [Additional Replay Buffer]

    I'm trying to use this script to implement multiple replay buffer timers, so you can get the last 1, 5 or 10 minutes of your current gameplay depending on how you configure it. The script run good at the beginning when obs is being just launched, however after some 10 minutes or so, the script...
  20. D

    OBS Python Show / Hide Transition Timers for Multiple Scene Items / Sources v0.1

    Hey there! So, this is a python script that will allow the user to have multiple timers that will trigger the scene item's (or "source's" as it's called in OBS) show / hide transitions. This is a pretty alpha version, so bugs may be present. The repeat timer was extensively tested by me to...