1. nhielost


    nhielost submitted a new resource: obs-midi-python - Allows MIDI devices to control OBS through message bindings. Read more about this resource...
  2. nhielost

    OBS Python obs-midi-python

    This script allows MIDI devices you connect to interact with OBS Studio, without the need for an external tool or third-party program. Setup instructions can be found here:
  3. X Kevin Tran

    Get frame by frame from OBS to CV2 Python socket server

    Link: Please help me to fix that code and share all your scripts. Thanks!
  4. M

    OBS is already running when using "multiprocessing" package in Python

    When opening another process in Python in one of my OBS scripts I always get an "OBS Studio is already running" message. Is there some way to silence these messages?
  5. rei2888

    How do i get the text string from an existed text source with python

    Hello, I want to write a python script, to get the text string from an existed GDI+ text source,and print this text string。 But i can't find a way or funtion to get the text string.Could somebody help me? Thanks Rei
  6. C

    Create video/webcam sources in a script

    Hello, This is my first post here so sorry if I am not perfectly clear. I try to create sources with a script, one for a webcam and a second for a rtsp video flux. It can be in Lua or in Python if possible but it seem if I don't make a mistake that it was not possible in Python. I have looked...
  7. O

    OBS Studio crashes with "timer_add"

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with running a script in the OBS Studio There is a "check_and_switch" function, and I want to call it every 3 seconds When I call it in this way "check_and_switch()" - everything works properly (but the function is called once) But when I write...
  8. J

    Accessing the bandwidth test checkbox

    Hello coders, I have written a short script to post a live notification to my discord webhook when I start streaming. What bothers me is that this even happens when I activate the "bandwidth test mode" under Settings -> Stream -> Platform Twitch and hit "Start Streaming". Is there a way to...
  9. felix_f

    Additional shortcut keys from script

    Hi, I would like to remap some keys from a second keyboard using python to use them as macro keys for other apps (mainly obs). I have the script mostly done, but I have a problem simulating a key press that is not used already, and that obs will actually like. As you can see below, I can either...
  10. H

    websocket ptz camera support

    Hello, I found that OBS Studio's websocket switching of cameras really easy to get working. Can I also control a PTZ camera as well using websockets? Thank you!
  11. Tobsa

    OBS Python Recording Notification 1.0 beta

    How it works: When the 'Start recording' button is pressed a popup window appears on top of the screen showing you that OBS is recording, you can left-click and drag the window to position it. This script was made using Python and tkinter library. Installation: Download the...
  12. joealfonso98

    Auto generated CC and profanity censorship

    Hello everyone, I’m new here so bare with me. I’m currently working on a project, but I’m no programmer. Is it possible for someone to make an OBS plugin that uses a speech-to-text generator to censor profanity within OBS (using about a 10 second delay). I’m thinking this project might...
  13. Avn

    OBS Python Spotify Song Title v1.0

    Hey I've written a github repo, which will help out anyone that wants to display the currently playing songs name & artist in OBS! It's super easy to use; you won't need to try to set up any APIs
  14. M

    Oddball Request: Automating the Setup of a Stream Deck

    I am running a weekly live stream, the content of which changes from week to week. I have written Python scripts (on my Linux Laptop) to generate the scenes we need (on our Windows 10 streaming computer) using the Python scripting feature in OBS. It's a work in progress, but so far, so good...
  15. someducky

    Python Scripting - Pulling audio source information

    Hi! I've searched around in the guides, forum, and documentation for this, with no luck. I'm trying to pull information (the decibel level, to be precise) for a specific audio source, like a microphone for example. I know there's a flag for when the source is muted, but that's all I can find...
  16. U

    OBS Lua obs-libre-macros

    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: obs-libre-macros - Scripting and macros hotkeys in OBS Studio for Humans Read more about this resource...
  17. U

    OBS Lua obs-libre-macros 2.1.0

    Description obs-libre-macros is an Extension for OBS Studio built on top of its scripting facilities, utilising built-in embedded LuaJIT interpreter, filter UI and function environment from Lua 5.2 Screenshot Features Attach Console to any source in real-time. Auto run code when OBS starts...
  18. freakrho

    Is it possible to get current playing file on VLC video source in python script?

    Hi, I'm making a python script to display the currently playing song from a VLC video source and I can't find a way to get that information, I've found nothing on the docs nor the forums. Is it posible to get some data on the currently playing media?
  19. dEN00_5

    OBS Python api по obs python 2020-11-24

    Шпаргалка по сценариям на python в обсе
  20. downthecrop

    Free Mutlitrack Recording Audio Remuxer 1.4

    With Twitch DMCA muting vods lots of people are going to be multitrack recoding locally. This tool can remux multritrack recodings into a new mp4 with a single audiotrack selected. Useful specifically if you record a track with only game audio and microphone selected for archival on Twitch or...