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A plugin that allows you to detect >80 types of objects in any source, track them and apply masking.

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This work uses the great contributions from EdgeYOLO-ROS and PINTO-Model-Zoo.
Contact us for assistance! Visit OCC-AI in our Discord server or on Github


  • Add the "Detect" filter to any source with an image (Media, Browser, VLC, Image, etc.)
  • Enable "Masking" or "Tracking"
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(2 minutes)​
Use Detect or track your pet or blur out people in your video!

See a feature by @Andilippi on creatively using the plugin for many fun things!
See a tutorial in Spanish by Angel Mendez


Current features:
  • Detect over 80 categories of objects, using an efficient model (EdgeYOLO)
  • 3 Model sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Control detection threshold
  • Select object category filter (e.g. find only "Person")
  • Masking: Blur, Solid color, Transparent, output binary mask (combine with other plugins!)
  • Tracking: Single object / All objects, Zoom factor, smooth transition
Roadmap features:
  • Precise object mask, beyond bounding box
  • Implement SORT tracking for smoothness
  • Multiple object category selection (e.g. Dog + Cat + Duck)
  • Make available detection information for other plugins through settings
  • More real-time models choices
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More resources from royshilkrot

Latest updates

  1. v0.0.2 - External custom models!

    Adding the ability to load external custom models! Also adding documentation on how to train...

Latest reviews

Awesome plugin, runs great on my proxy server! I Really wish there was a dedicated 'face' detection though. Would be great for IRL streams. As far as I see right now, it's 'person' which is a bit excessive.
Detection works flawless it seems, atleast for cars on a racetrack!
The day you add PTZ controls i will absolutly adore you!
Thanks for the review !
What do you mean by ptz controls? Like controlling a PTZ camera? I'm happy to discuss in the discord server