computer vision

  1. royshilkrot

    Detect - Object Detection, Tracking built-in OBS v0.0.1

    A plugin that allows you to detect >80 types of objects in any source, track them and apply masking. If you like this work please consider supporting it by sponsoring us on GitHub: and This work uses the great...
  2. royshilkrot

    OCR - Text Recognition & Detection built-in OBS v0.0.7

    The OCR Plugin for OBS provides real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Text Recognition & Detection abilities over any OBS Source that provides an image - can be Image, Video, Browser or any other Source. It is based on the incredible Tesseract open source OCR engine, compiled and...
  3. Crowsinc

    LiveVisionKit 1.2.2

    THIS PROJECT IS ON AN INDEFINITE PAUSE. (MORE INFO IN THE DISCORD ANNOUNCEMENTS) LiveVisionKit (LVK) provides GPU accelerated real-time computer vision and image processing tools for manipulating and enhancing livestreams or recorded video. Features include real-time video stabilization...