1. razorlikes

    Free AppVolumeHotkeys v2.1.0

    What can it do? With AppVolumeHotkeys you can control the volume of any application in the Windows Volume Mixer through hotkeys in the background. For example, changing the volume of a music player while playing a game without having to tab out. If you have any ideas or find any bugs, please...
  2. Itachi261092

    Tool for analize stream

    Hello, sorry if this is already implemented, but i try find solving my problem. I have problem with table game Magic: The Gathering. When i start the live stream with players, i need display played cards for the audience on the stream, but i hasn't appropriate toll for it. Chrome has that tool...
  3. Inzaniity

    Free Songify Slim

    Inzaniity submitted a new resource: Songify - Gets the currently playing song from spotify. Read more about this resource...