1. D

    Goals with timer

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to put a "timer" on the goals of followers, subs, etc...? Example: the sub goal appears, it stays for 5 minutes and disappears, returning after 20 minutes? And so it goes.
  2. khaver

    OBS Lua RGB Adjustment Tool filter 1.2

    Unzip the LUA file into your scripts folder and load the filter-rgbtool.lua script. Add the "RGB Adjustment Tool" filter to your source. Click the "Show Tools" box and using the "Move Graph" slider, position the graph out of the way. Using the "Center X" and "Center Y" sliders, position...
  3. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Audio Status Monitor 0.7

    Add a visual aid showing the Mute/Unmuted state for Audio Sources using Source Dock. Thank you Exeldro for your input on this. To use this script: Create a new <scene> and add only two sources: one <text source> and one <color Source> Name the New Items something sensible that will be...
  4. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Source Search Helper 1.0

    A Simple tool to help you find the location of a Source. Have you ever looked for a specific source nested somewhere in a scene? Have you ever looked for a specific filter applied on some source nested somewhere in a scene? This tool can help. Search by: Source Name Source Type Filter...
  5. P

    1 MONITOR AND SEE FOLLOWERS AND DONATIONS on the screen!!!(solved partially)

    Hi , i was searching for a tool or some thing to add to OBS to see followers and donation in my screen that i was using to play and stream from it ( 1monitor )i couldnt find any thing that i can use but i searched soo much,i finally find a way to see all widgets on my monitor from one link...
  6. juny1209

    I'm looking for auto scene switcher using source as trigger

    Hello. I'm looking for plugin or tool of auto scene switcher using source as trigger. What I'm looking for is scene is switched automatically when specific image or part is detected on source. I'm trying to find proper plugin or tool but I can't find any proper plugin or tool. Does someone...
  7. Evandikt

    Free EvntBoard your next streaming tool !

    Hi there ! Here is my project, Evntboard, a tool to make your streams more interactive, without worrying about some technical dimensions Of course it is cross platform Windows Mac Linux No account is required, everything is done locally, and there is no subscription ! The concept of the tool...
  8. patball

    Question / Help OBS + YT - how to extract a single comment and show it on the screen?

    Hey guys. I'm making streams on YouTube thru OBS. During streams there are some questions on the chat. Is there any tool or plugin or something which could help me to extract a single comment and show it on the screen? Maybe do u have some tips?
  9. razorlikes

    Free AppVolumeHotkeys v2.1.1

    What can it do? With AppVolumeHotkeys you can control the volume of any application in the Windows Volume Mixer through hotkeys in the background. For example, changing the volume of a music player while playing a game without having to tab out. If you have any ideas or find any bugs, please...
  10. Itachi261092

    Tool for analize stream

    Hello, sorry if this is already implemented, but i try find solving my problem. I have problem with table game Magic: The Gathering. When i start the live stream with players, i need display played cards for the audience on the stream, but i hasn't appropriate toll for it. Chrome has that tool...
  11. Inzaniity

    Free Songify (Spotify Now Playing & Song Requests)

    Inzaniity submitted a new resource: Songify - Gets the currently playing song from spotify. Read more about this resource...