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Hello, sorry if this is already implemented, but i try find solving my problem.
I have problem with table game Magic: The Gathering. When i start the live stream with players, i need display played cards for the audience on the stream, but i hasn't appropriate toll for it.

Chrome has that tool and it calls "Card Spotter" - it extension look at videostream on the twitch or youtube and shows near window big card that was a play on the table. Automatic without manual. Or you can click on cards on video for look at in big size. It's look like a this:
Без названия.png

But it's not convenient. I try search anything like this in the plugins and tools sections on this forum but i can't. Can anyone helps me wit this? Or maybe anyone wants to make special tool for this game? (it also can use for the Magic Duels and Mtg: Arena PC games).