EvntBoard your next streaming tool !

Free EvntBoard your next streaming tool !

Hi there !

Here is my project, Evntboard, a tool to make your streams more interactive, without worrying about some technical dimensions
Of course it is cross platform Windows Mac Linux

No account is required, everything is done locally, and there is no subscription !

The concept of the tool is simple, each action is an event, a twitch message, a volume change on OBS or a merch bought from stream labs ...
With EvntBoard it is possible to script a behavior on a certain event with a certain condition !
Like for example, when a viewer donates at least 5000 bits, change the scene, activate a source filter and launch a music :slight_smile:

For the moment there are only some modules like **OBS**, Twitch, StreamLabsOBS, StreamLabs, StreamElements, Google Text To Speech ...

Some modules are not yet delivered with the executable, but it is possible to build them yourself and control your keyboard, mouse, MIDI device, create shortcuts for example :)
With a little imagination it is possible to control Spotify from a trigger !

It is also possible to create your own module to interact with your system !

To take a first look https://evntboard.io/docs/getting-started/first-trigger

All feedbacks are welcome !!

WEBSITE: https://evntboard.io/
GITHUB: https://github.com/EvntBoard/
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  1. A new version is available !

    In this version the whole architecture of the application has been reviewed to remove Electron ...