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OBS Lua RGB Adjustment Tool filter 1.2

Unzip the LUA file into your scripts folder and load the filter-rgbtool.lua script.

Add the "RGB Adjustment Tool" filter to your source.

Click the "Show Tools" box and using the "Move Graph" slider, position the graph out of the way.

Using the "Center X" and "Center Y" sliders, position the cross-hair on an area of white or gray, or a commercial gray card or color checker card.

Adjust the "R", "G", and "B" sliders so all the bars turn gray and the black background turns white. The image has now been white balanced. For best results, only adjust the Red and Blue sliders to match the Green channel.

Camera Matching:
If you want to match another camera shooting the same scene from a different angle, move the meter level so it matches the levels of the rgb and luma level (the background will turn yellow when the meter level matches the rgb and luma levels). Copy the meter level value. Add the RGB Adjustment Tool to the other camera source. Check the "Show Tools" box, and paste the meter level value into the "Meter Level" control. Position the cross-hair at the same white or gray spot as the other camera source, and adjust the RGB levels to match the meter line.

Auto White Balance:
If your cross-hair is positioned at a white or gray spot in the image that will not be blocked or moved during your OBS session, you can use the "Auto Lock" checkbox to automatically white balance the source. When the checkbox below the "Auto Lock" box is un-checked, the rgb levels will automatically be adjusted to the luma level.

If the box is checked, the rgb levels will automatically be adjusted to the level of the meter line.

Once everything is adjusted to your satisfaction, un-check the "Show Tools" box.

Additional Parameters:
The "Bypass RGB/Exposure/Gamma Adjustment" box is for comparing the unadjusted and adjusted source.

The "Show Gradient" checkbox fills the image with a gradient of the image color under the cross-hair. The "Normalize Gradient" checkbox boosts the gradient to the color's highest level.

For better noise rejection, the color picked at the cross-hair is an average of 25 pixels around the center of the cross-hair.
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