1. khaver

    OBS Lua RGB Adjustment Tool filter 1.2

    Unzip the LUA file into your scripts folder and load the filter-rgbtool.lua script. Add the "RGB Adjustment Tool" filter to your source. Click the "Show Tools" box and using the "Move Graph" slider, position the graph out of the way. Using the "Center X" and "Center Y" sliders, position...
  2. C

    AMD GPU Encoding forces 4:2:0 color range no matter the settings

    Hello, I have been using OBS Studio with H265 with my AMD 6700XT for a while now. Recently I wanted to up my settings a little bit more. I wanted to record with 4:4:4 at full range so I could color grade my gameplay videos better. However the "video" section in the Advanced options work only for...
  3. R

    Filtering artifact when using RGB color format

    Hi there, I'm using OBS to record (not stream) gameplay footage. I want the video to be lossless, i.e. a frame of the video must have the same pixels colors as a screenshot, so that I can do funny but finicky things later (ocr, image recognition by matching against a known texture, etc). I very...