Free AppVolumeHotkeys v2.0.1

What is "AppVolumeHotkeys"?
AppVolumeHotkeys is an application that lets you control the volume of an application which is listed in Windows' volume mixer. Its written in C# and is using the CSCore Audio Library found here!


How to set it up
Simply select the desired application from the drop down menu and you're set up. If your application doesn't show up, make sure it actually outputs audio right now and click on refresh.
If you don't have already, select your Hotkeys by clicking into the textbox for the hotkey you want to set and press your desired hotkey and if you want to your modificator(ctrl, alt) and after that click on "Save Hotkeys".
You can always delete the set Hotkeys by clicking on "Reset Hotkeys".
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  1. Just a tiny bit of polishing

    Changes since last release: -Update to Fody 4.0.2 -Added licenses for used projects