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razorlikes submitted a new resource:

AppVolumeHotkeys - Control the volume of a music player or any other application through hotkeys

What is "AppVolumeHotkeys"?
AppVolumeHotkeys is an application that lets you control the volume of an application which is listed in Windows' volume mixer. Its written in C# and is using the CSCore Audio Library found here!
How to set it up
Simply select the desired application from the drop down menu and you're set up. If your application doesn't show up, make sure it actually outputs audio right now...
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razorlikes updated AppVolumeHotkeys with a new update entry:

Version 2.1.0 Release

With this update I have added a way to select a playback device, previously the program used the default playback device.
This is useful for setups where you have multiple playback devices and the application you want to control doesn't output to the default playback device. Your selected playback device stays saved when you close the application.

Changes since last release:
-Added ability to select a playback device
-Code cleanup/refactoring
-Updated Readme
-Update to Fody 6.0.2
-Update to...
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This is a useful program. Thanks. :)

Can you add support for multiple simultaneous key presses? For example, "CTRL+ALT+Numpad /". Currently, when I press Shift it comes up as "Shift+ShiftKey" but then changes to "Shiftkey" when I save it, when I press Alt it says "Alt+Menu" but then changes to "Menu" when I save it, and when I press Ctrl, it says "Ctrl+ControlKey" but then changes to "ControlKey"; and none of them work.


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Hey! I'm glad someone gets some use out of my programs.
Using a modifier like ALT or CTRL has worked at some point. I'm not quite sure what has changed but I will look into it. Expect a fix in the next few days.

To everyone else who reads this: Please use GitHub for bug reports. I don't look into this forum that often.