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So, this is a python script that will allow the user to have multiple timers that will trigger the scene item's (or "source's" as it's called in OBS) show / hide transitions. This is a pretty alpha version, so bugs may be present. The repeat timer was extensively tested by me to ensure that at least worked the smoothest, as I feel that's what most people want.

Please report any bugs, and I'll try to fix them as fast as possible. I just wanted to create a resource that some may find useful.

If after setup it isn't working, or the descriptions I wrote aren't clear, feel free to let me know as surely you aren't alone and I'll be happy to elaborate or write additional setup steps.

Why the two file setup for timers? Well, OBS uses Python 3.6 and I found that while setting it all up to work in OBS Scripts directly, it would often freeze up, crash, etc, when trying to implement more than one timer as it really doesn't like it. Python 3.10 gives me more freedom which I can then access OBS via websockets.

To download, click on the Go to Download at the top, or visit

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