1. shinda

    WebSocket Profile Settings

    I've been running into this issue, which seems like a bug, but I'm not quite sure. I have 2 OBS profiles and wanted to set up unique WebSocket settings per each. I launch OBS via cli with switches: ``` start "OBS1" "obs64.exe" --profile "recordings" --collection "ultra-wide" --startrecording...
  2. F

    Free ArtNetOBS 1.0

    ArtNetOBS allows you to control OBS Studio via the Artnet protocol. It uses the OBS Websocket 5.1.0 protocol Windows version
  3. NickNeverSleeps

    Decklink Control via Websockets

    I was looking into a use case where I could toggle the running state as well as the device for the decklink using the websockets interface available in OBS. So far the only way I could find to do this via an external application was to modify the config file for the "decklink output" plugin and...
  4. J

    Websocket 5.0 port configuration

    With OBS 27.x and Websowket 4.9.1 the websocket port seemed to be "saved" together with the OBS profile we chose. With OBS 28, it seems the websocket Port is set at start with whatever port was set when OBS was last closed. I would need to launch two instances of OBS with different websocket...
  5. J

    Obs Lags/Bogs entire pc when just opening the software

    Basically what the title says. I recently ran into an issue after using obs for over a year. Every time i open up the software it lags/bogs down my entire pc to the point of where i cant do anything. As soon as i minimize the app or exit out of it my pc returns to a working normal state. I've...
  6. D

    OBS Python Show / Hide Transition Timers for Multiple Scene Items / Sources v0.1

    Hey there! So, this is a python script that will allow the user to have multiple timers that will trigger the scene item's (or "source's" as it's called in OBS) show / hide transitions. This is a pretty alpha version, so bugs may be present. The repeat timer was extensively tested by me to...
  7. R

    Stream OBS to LAN and watch it live on Android?

    Can we do that yet? I only have windows 10 and android. And I would like to stream my OBS output to my android with less latency (so watching my own stream from youtube is not the solution). I heard about NDI but currently NDI could not support ARM based phone to decode its signal. Weblink does...
  8. FuScOnEd

    OBS crashing often since 27.2.1

    Hi, I updated OBS to 27.2.1 a couple days ago, and now I get crashes almost every time I stream. I think I've narrowed it down to interaction between Mix It Up and OBS (via OBS websockets). It worked great before that, but now it crashes frequently. I've run the log analyzer and hopefully I can...
  9. Soulbest

    Help With Websocket

    I've been trying to figure out how to use OBS-Websocket, and for the life of me I can't figure out how events work in it. Based on what I can find, you need to subscribe a method to events once the client is connected, but I am not sure how to do this. Any help appreciated!
  10. L

    Control OBS from other PC with a StreamDeck

    Hi everyone, I need a hand I have a PC that a friend of mine is streaming with, and he asked if I can help him out by managing his OBS from my home. Premise, we have a LAN - LAN VPN with two FRITZ! Boxes, so we can reach each other locally without problems and with very little latency. That...
  11. E

    How to connect OBS websocket to Stream Deck(El Gato) to use OBS Tools (barraider)?

    I am new here using OBS. I have my stream deck I have installed OBS Tools (Barraider) and I can’t simply use the tools. Is there a listener that can help to connect them both? Please help! I have already ticked the boxes in OBS to “activate” the websocket. And nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  12. K

    Websockets completely crashing OBS after install

    OBS v27.1.3 im trying to install websockets plugin to use lioranboard 10 seconds into having obs open the source icons go weird and the app crashes i install though the EXE provided from the plugin and once i uninstall the plugin, obs works completely fine anyone else having this issue?
  13. YorVeX

    Free xObsSimpleHttpControl - Simple HTTP/URL control for OBS v1.1

    D̲e̲s̲c̲r̲i̲p̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ This tool acts as a simple HTTP gateway to the obs-websocket interface. The idea is that more tools can trigger simple HTTP interfaces instead of opening a websocket connection and sending JSON. Also from user perspective it's easier to use, because formatting URL query...
  14. B


    Can a websocket slow your internet speeds? Im just wondering how much bandwidth it actually uses and if it is correlating with my internet issues i couldnt find anythig on google and hoping someone could help me, thanks!
  15. jshea2

    Free OSC for OBS App 2.7

    OSC for OBS An application for Mac and PC that controls and listens to OBS via OSC. Made for live events for triggering and automating cues from an external application (like QLab and TouchOSC) Requires: obs-websocket plugin OSC Commands: v2.2.0 features include: Trigger Scenes Trigger Next...
  16. H

    OBS-Websocket Tally Light α [Deleted]

    HewelDesign submitted a new resource: OBS-Websocket Tally Light - OBS-Websocket Tally Light Read more about this resource...
  17. BigGeordieGeek

    Websocket/Noob Cmdr - Help Wanted To Trigger A Hot Key

    This is probably a proper noob question, but I can't figure it out! I want to use Noob Cmdr to trigger a hotkey as part of the batch file, but I am struggling to figure out the websocket command to do that, and I am wondering if someone might be able to assist me with that. I am going to use...
  18. YorVeX

    Free xObsRemoteStats - "Stats" window for remote OBS instances v1.3

    This tool mimics the original "Stats" window in OBS (View -> Stats from main menu) but shows data from a remote OBS instance using WebSockets. I have written it for myself to be able to see the stats window on my streaming PC, which is in a different room than my main PC. L̲i̲m̲i̲t̲a̲t̲i̲o̲n̲s̲...
  19. A

    OBS Websockets "SendCaptions" doesn't work on Vimeo, but works with Twitch, YouTube, Wowza... ?

    Howdy folks, I'm using OBS Websockets and a custom javascript API that sends captions with the SendCaptions event to embed 608 captions It works great in Twitch, Youtube and Wowza Cloud. But, I have not been able to get it to work with Vimeo Premium Vimeo's support says it's possible...
  20. M

    OBS crashes on exit with WebSocket

    1. OBS works. WebSocket connection is working. 2. When I close the OBS, it crashes. I apologize for this description, my English is not very good. I hope everything is clear. Crash reports and logs are attached. Thank you. Logs.