1. L

    obs blade connect to websocket

    hello. i have recently been having an issue with obs blade or other websocket tools not wanting to connect to obs. i have done everything i can think of with no luck. it is connected to the same internet. the device shows up briefly in websocket settings but fails to connect. obs is updated to...
  2. U

    Free Get User Media(GUM) for OBS Browser 0.0.1

    The OBS Browser Source doesn't support direct access to media like Camera, Microphone, Desktop Capture, Midi and Game Controllers. Get User Media for OBS sends media from a Chrome Browser to the OBS Browser source. Try it here: https://uuoocl.github.io/GUM/ View the source and more details on...
  3. chapterjason

    Scene list order event

    I am using OBS with websockets and just wondering if there is an event that will be fired if the order (index) in the scene list is changed. The event "OBS_FRONTEND_EVENT_SCENE_LIST_CHANGED" doesn't seem to fire if I change the order. Cheers! Jason
  4. subnoize

    Crash while using WebSocket in custom docks and moving docks around the UI

    Hello! Fun part is putting OBS into debug mode makes the crashing stop. So only in regular runtime mode will this occur which has made debugging very hard. The issue is when I move a custom dock that has an open WebSocket connection to an external server, OBS crashes. If I disable the...
  5. mayo0323

    I want to record an external display via websocket.

    I want to record an external display connected to my PC via websocket. Is there an API method that would automatically detect & configure the external display? Also, Is the following URL “OpenProjector” relevant...
  6. JusJayD

    OBS 30.0.2 Websocket Settings

    I recently did a fresh install of OBS 30.0.2 and I am struggling to find the websocket settings under tools since the websocket is now intergrated. Is there another place to find these settings? My Mix It Up Bot is having a hard time connecting to obs.
  7. propz

    Free OBS WebSocket Tester 1.0

    Test and debug your WebSocket connection to OBS Studio with this simple tool. Just connect to OBS and start testing with your own WebSocket data. Just a plain HTML file with some CSS and JavaScript is all you need: - Works only for obs-websocket 5.x.x Protocol (OBS >= 28.0) - The WebSocket...
  8. M

    Python Script to connect to OBS Websocket Server Help

    Goal of the script: Send command to OBS to make it do something, like switch scenes, change Sources, play a gif, etc. I've tried using Postman to get an example, and while I can connect, I get errors about the websocket version from the client being out of date when I try and SEND something to...
  9. Markwasfy

    How to add an input to a group in the obs web socket

    Obs WebSocket docs define that groups in OBS are actually scenes, but renamed and modified. In obs-web sockets, we treat them as scenes where we can: import obsws_python as obs cl = obs.ReqClient(host='localhost', port=4444, password='password', timeout=3)...
  10. E

    Can't connect to fxmagician.live through WebSocket

    Hope I am posting in the right place. I keep OBS WebSocket seems not to be reachable no matter what I try. I added an outgoing rule to the Firewall and made sure that the WebSocket server is enabled. My version is 30.0.0 How can I make it work? Thanks!
  11. KingKong77

    FX Magician: Lower Thirds, Virtual Deck, Bot, WebSocket... 0.14

    FX Magician is really magic. It is a Click & Go app, no installation required, it uses the incredible OBS WebSocket technology. It is free. http://fxmagician.live FX Magician let you to customize some incredible effects. FX Magician also integrates a very powerful BOT engine. FX Magician has...
  12. mtoe4503

    Can OBS WebSocket work with a public IP? If yes, how?

    Hi. I'm having a problem on controlling my friend's OBS (we do need to record multiple people), when I try to connect with my app, but I also tried with other apps, if I use their public IP, it doesn't work, their OBS is fine, the WebSocket server is enabled, correct server port, password, but...
  13. W

    Obs, Python and web socket : impossible agreement ?

    Hello everyone :), I have a very important little question about the web socket in Python. We want to ensure that certain text sources in our scene are updated using the web socket in Python. However, we have been trying for several weeks without any convincing results :/. I would like to...
  14. A

    Using OBS Websocket with Psychopy (python)

    Hi there, I'm trying to set up code components in my psychopy script that connects to OBS websocket and starts and stops recording for different routines.I've successfully ran this python code in VS code but I'm running into errors when I try and incorporate it into python. Here is my code in...
  15. G

    Scene Screeshot with websocket

    Hello guys, I would like to take a screenshot of each of my scenes. For this, i would like to use the web socket API in order to automatize the process. After hours reading the doc i could only find the "TakeSourceScreenshot" request which is clearly not what i want. I tried to extract one...
  16. norihiro

    OBS Shutdown Plugin 0.1.2

    Provides shutdown API through obs-websocket. Example: shutdown.py Note: If you enabled auto-remux and trigger the shutdown while recording, OBS might not be shutdown.
  17. C

    T-bar supported remote app

    Hi, Recently been trying several apps to remote OBS through my android devices, tryna find a way to control the T-bar without using mouse. OBS Blade and Touch Portal tried, got nothing. They can only control volume bar. Just searched and found this, it seems that T-bar can be control by outside...
  18. M

    No me aparece el websocket OBS V29

    Tengo OBS V9 no me aparece en herramientas el websocket, intente instalar el plugin y tampoco me aparece, alguien le ha pasado?
  19. Dreamirrora

    OBS Websockets not appearing in tools?

    Hi there, so I'm trying to connect BetterPoints to my OBS, I'm on version 29.0, 64bit version. I had just got a new PC, and suddenly the option for the websockets isn't showing? So I can't connect my program to it. Any solutions?
  20. shinda

    WebSocket Profile Settings

    I've been running into this issue, which seems like a bug, but I'm not quite sure. I have 2 OBS profiles and wanted to set up unique WebSocket settings per each. I launch OBS via cli with switches: ``` start "OBS1" "obs64.exe" --profile "recordings" --collection "ultra-wide" --startrecording...