1. B


    Can a websocket slow your internet speeds? Im just wondering how much bandwidth it actually uses and if it is correlating with my internet issues i couldnt find anythig on google and hoping someone could help me, thanks!
  2. jshea2

    Free OSC for OBS App v2.6.1

    OSC for OBS An Electron application that controls and listens to OBS via OSC. Made for live events for triggering and automating cues from an external application (like QLab) Requires: obs-websocket plugin OSC Commands: v2.2.0 features include: Trigger Scenes Trigger Next Scene Trigger...
  3. BigGeordieGeek

    Websocket/Noob Cmdr - Help Wanted To Trigger A Hot Key

    This is probably a proper noob question, but I can't figure it out! I want to use Noob Cmdr to trigger a hotkey as part of the batch file, but I am struggling to figure out the websocket command to do that, and I am wondering if someone might be able to assist me with that. I am going to use...
  4. YorVeX

    Free xObsRemoteStats - "Stats" window for remote OBS instances v1.3

    This tool mimics the original "Stats" window in OBS (View -> Stats from main menu) but shows data from a remote OBS instance using WebSockets. I have written it for myself to be able to see the stats window on my streaming PC, which is in a different room than my main PC. L̲i̲m̲i̲t̲a̲t̲i̲o̲n̲s̲...
  5. A

    OBS Websockets "SendCaptions" doesn't work on Vimeo, but works with Twitch, YouTube, Wowza... ?

    Howdy folks, I'm using OBS Websockets and a custom javascript API that sends captions with the SendCaptions event to embed 608 captions It works great in Twitch, Youtube and Wowza Cloud. But, I have not been able to get it to work with Vimeo Premium Vimeo's support says it's possible...
  6. M

    OBS crashes on exit with WebSocket

    1. OBS works. WebSocket connection is working. 2. When I close the OBS, it crashes. I apologize for this description, my English is not very good. I hope everything is clear. Crash reports and logs are attached. Thank you. Logs.
  7. E

    WebSocket + Nodemcu.. Led Register

    How you can join the OBS WebSocket in Nodemcu, just as a scene becomes active or does not lead to any node. make a registration led, show an active scene or not at the time of transmission
  8. JurgenW

    Joystick or Gamepad as a scene switcher

    I've been looking around for a while to find a way that would allow me to do something like what a Stream Deck does (but just without the cost of it). Hotkeys in OBS have their limitations: You have to choose keys that don't interfere with anything else Using a keyboard for hotkeys means you...
  9. J

    Bug Report OBS Frames Skipped and Dropped and InGAME FPS DROP

    i have been using this update of OBS with my setup streaming daily every day, for about last 2 weeks, without no problem BUT today and yesterday experienced issues with high in game DROP FRAMES that where not normal couse never hapenned even recording in higher bitrates and fps drops in the OBS...
  10. toastybros

    Question / Help OBS Crash when Changing Scene Collection

    Recently encountered an issue where scene selection causes instant crashes, even after troubleshooting and downloading the websocket update, I attached the crash log -Matt
  11. FSC

    Free Command line tool for obs-websocket plugin (Windows)

    FSC submitted a new resource: Command line tool for obs-websocket plugin - Enables contol of OBS Studio via command line Read more about this resource...