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I've been running into this issue, which seems like a bug, but I'm not quite sure.

I have 2 OBS profiles and wanted to set up unique WebSocket settings per each.

I launch OBS via cli with switches:

start "OBS1" "obs64.exe" --profile "recordings" --collection "ultra-wide" --startrecording --multi
start "OBS2" "obs64.exe" --profile "StreamProfile" --collection "Stream1080" --multi

Both launch but the WebSocket settings always seem to get reset to the last one saved.

This appears to have been supported/added back in 2019 (https://github.com/obsproject/obs-websocket/pull/304), but doesn't seem to be the case currently in version 29.0.2 (64 bit) Windows.

Looking at my %appdata%/obs-studio/basic/profiles

There doesn't seem to be any WebSocket details either.

If someone could confirm if this is indeed a bug, or a workaround to how having unique WebSocket details per profile ought to work it be much appreciated.


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Hey, did you find anything on this?

I did briefly install websocket-compat 4 and it did add it's settings to basic.ini althou the plugin didn't work. The inbuilt websocket server does not seem to save it's settings to profile.

Edit: I found out you can set it using starting params:
(Psst. You can use --websocket_port(value), --websocket_password(value), --websocket_debug(flag) and --websocket_ipv4_only(flag) on the command line to override the configured values.)
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