1. Suslik V

    OBS Lua UnFish Lens 2022-05-21

    This script adds the "Unfish/Fish Lens" video effect filter. Compatible with OBS v21.1.2 and later. Usage: Download (or make it from the source code) the "filter-fish-lens.lua" script-file (MD5:B7094F27EEA1E2CE864BDB6A2E946ED2) Navigate to main menu Tools>Scripts>Add_button("+") and select the...
  2. K

    OBS Lua Chromatic Aberration 1.0

    This Lua script adds a chromatic aberration filter. Adjust red, green and blue as desired. You can also set a central zone that's not affected. Use the "Show protected center" checkbox to see the limits of the central zone. (tested only on Windows 10)
  3. J

    OBS Lua SmartStart v-1.0.0

    Simple script allowing to launch several applications at OBS startup
  4. AyRatul

    OBS Python OBS Basic Jumpcut 0.0.1

    Since i do jumpcuts on postproduction, and it takes me1 hour at least, i decided to make a simple script that i could configure to record videos with jumpcuts ¿How does it work? Enabled = if true then the script will work WHEN OBS IS RECORDING, you need to manually start/stop the recording...
  5. J

    OBS Lua Source Visibility Mirror v0.1.1-beta

    This script mirrors the visibility of one source to another source.
  6. M

    OBS is already running when using "multiprocessing" package in Python

    When opening another process in Python in one of my OBS scripts I always get an "OBS Studio is already running" message. Is there some way to silence these messages?
  7. K

    OBS Lua Lens Flare #2 1.1

    Another Lua script to add a lens flare effect filter. Use the "Show Target" checkbox to set the flare source location. The "Use Image Intensity" checkbox uses the brightness of the source image at the target location to affect the flare. Use the "Threshold" slider to adjust the level of...
  8. K

    OBS Lua Lens Flare 1.1

    A Lua script to add a lens flare effect filter. The "Use Image Intensity" checkbox uses the brightness of the source image at the center point location to affect the flare. Use the "Threshold" slider to adjust the level of brightness that affects the flare. "Animate Rays" slowly spins the...
  9. Grandmakelly97

    Pop up on OBS start to define Output file path and File name

    Hello! I am wondering if its possible to have a plugin/script or something to activate a pop up script when OBS launches so you can input where you want to save the recording as well as what you want to name it. I have a bunch of users who use the program to record various stuff at work and we...
  10. J

    Can compressor release time limit be extended?

    I am using the compressor, limiter and expander plugins to automatically raise and lower the sound-volume on some sources, but the release-times on each plugin can not go higher than 1 second. Is there some way to extend that to longer times? Ideally up to 5 or 10 seconds. I have looked into...
  11. K

    OBS Lua Corner Pin 1.2

    A Lua script that adds a four corner pin transform effect filter. Adjust the four corners of a source to create various perspective effects. Copy filter-cornerpin.lua to your scripts folder (Tested only on Windows 10) Based on a corner pin shader by Charles Fettinger...
  12. K

    OBS Lua 3 Axis Color Correction 1.0

    A Lua script that adds a color correction effect filter. Adjust color levels between red<>cyan, green<>magenta, and blue<>yellow, corresponding to the 3 axes of a vectorscope. Another slider adjusts the luma level. Used for matching colors of different cameras. Copy filter-3axiscolor.lua and...
  13. C

    Create video/webcam sources in a script

    Hello, This is my first post here so sorry if I am not perfectly clear. I try to create sources with a script, one for a webcam and a second for a rtsp video flux. It can be in Lua or in Python if possible but it seem if I don't make a mistake that it was not possible in Python. I have looked...
  14. O

    OBS Studio crashes with "timer_add"

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with running a script in the OBS Studio There is a "check_and_switch" function, and I want to call it every 3 seconds When I call it in this way "check_and_switch()" - everything works properly (but the function is called once) But when I write...
  15. M

    [Question] Manual property widgets refresh

    Hi, I'm working on Win 10 and trying to write a python script for OBS. I had a lot of problems. For me it seems impossible to use set_modified_callback() inside of script_properties() without OBS crashes after restart. I overcame this by using a timer which registers the modified callback after...
  16. J

    Accessing the bandwidth test checkbox

    Hello coders, I have written a short script to post a live notification to my discord webhook when I start streaming. What bothers me is that this even happens when I activate the "bandwidth test mode" under Settings -> Stream -> Platform Twitch and hit "Start Streaming". Is there a way to...
  17. yansaan

    is there a "slideshow" source?

    Hello, there are scripts or plugins that can change sources (such as source toggler) but with automatically, so it looks like a slideshow?
  18. BadaqMeAjuda

    OBS Lua Random Toggler v1.0.0 1.0.0

    Based on Exeldro's Source Toggle I've made a version that let's you randomly toggle one source from a scene via hotkey.
  19. Tobsa

    OBS Python Recording Notification 1.0 beta

    How it works: When the 'Start recording' button is pressed a popup window appears on top of the screen showing you that OBS is recording, you can left-click and drag the window to position it. This script was made using Python and tkinter library. Installation: Download the...
  20. JEJ

    OBS Lua Media Switch Scene 0.3

    This Script will change the active scene once the selected media file ended. Download and install the Audio Status Monitor lua script. Open up the Scripts dialog (Tools -> Scripts) Click the Plus '+' to add a new Script, select MediaSwitchScene.lua Configure the Script properties: Select the...