1. frogstar42

    Brain reminder preview pane is not active

    I can't tell you how many times I have recorded something and later found out I forgot to switch the preview pane to live. I asked chat gpt if it could write a script for me to pop up a window that says, do you wish to switch your preview screen to live? But it didn't work, and I gave up trying...
  2. Andrewwz

    python script doesn't work?

    I installed python3.9 built by the framework on macOS and successfully loaded the path in the OBS script. But the python file didn't work
  3. D

    help with obs python script (play video source at certain timestamp)

    have a python script for OBS that makes a scene and loads a video and tries to play it. The script looks something like this: import obspython as obs import math, time, os, random hotkey_id = obs.OBS_INVALID_HOTKEY_ID is_active = 0 def script_description(): return """Random Script""" def...
  4. T

    Enable and disable filter with script?

    How do i enable and disable a filter from a source, like for example disable the existing LUT filter from a source? function enable_indicator(num) local group = get_group_as_scene("Instance " .. num) if group == nil then return end local si =...
  5. J

    Python Script wont start properly on obs

    Hi, I've created a small Python program (, and you can find the attached files. The program is designed to move mp4 files from the C drive to another drive when a game is opened + to specific folder named after the game. However, I'm facing an issue: it only prints the message...
  6. jimpalompa

    Automated YouTube chat Browser source

    I'm looking for some sort of way to automatically update a Browser source URL whenever I start a new stream on YouTube. I can see that the built in YouTube chat dock in OBS automatically gets updated to the correct current chat url when a new stream is started. Today I have to manually copy the...
  7. JonathanC09

    Ayuda Script personalizados

    [En] Hello forum people. I'm trying to create a custom script for obs, using gtp chat. But it always gives mistakes. What I'm looking for is for a font to change whether a font is visible or not depending on the day of the week. If anyone can guide me or help me in any way I would appreciate...
  8. M

    Translating .json files to video source

    Hello! The question arose, is it possible to translate .json files into videos using a plugin or script? Let me explain, it is necessary that a window with text appears in the scene at a certain time, and that the window adjusts to the number of characters. Can this be done with any tools...
  9. A

    I asked ChatGPT to make a script in which my viewers can play audios from my folder just by typing ! and the audio file name.

    [chat-script.lua] Error running file: [string "C:/Program Files/obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/..."]:107: attempt to call field 'obs_register_script' (a nil value) I'm getting this error , and the separators are / and not \ [/ MAC] [\Windows]

    This LUA should display the filename of the video being played...

    I tried to create a LUA file using chatgpt but it doesn't work and I don't why because I'm not a developer or something like that... What do you think is happening? 1. In the first few lines of the script, we are defining the global variables video_source_name and text_source_name. These...
  11. H

    Distinguish Monitors By Something Other Than Index?

    I have four USB HDMI capture cards plugged into four different laptops which have their video stream sent to them from a desktop running OBS. There are several HDMI cables running from the desktop into each HDMI port of each capture card, which is then plugged into each laptop via USB. The...
  12. khaver

    OBS Lua Clipper 1.0

    I created this filter for a special use case for myself. All it does is allow you to clip the white and black levels. My use case: I am using the video macro in the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to switch between a close shot of a person at a podium and a wide shot if the person moves away...
  13. S

    Looking for scripting help

    Hello! I am looking for a scripting expert to help me with a project. I use OBS to produce shopping livestreams for local brands/businesses, and I'm constantly re-building my scenes/sources based on the photos that I receive from those brands. It’s a lot of repetitive tasks, and I’m hoping...
  14. I

    How to add Media Source Local File with PYTHON

    I have a path such as 'D:\Cycling - My Mountain Route.mp4' how can I assign this path to OBS Media Source with websockets using PYTHON code ? I tried this : sourceName = 'Media Source' Local_file = 'D:\Cycling - My Mountain Route.mp4'...
  15. B

    Where is obspython installed? (so my IDE can see it)

    It seems OBS doesn't install the obspython module like a normal python module which means my IDE (VSCode) can't see it. Where can I point my IDE so it recognizes the obspython module and its contents? Anybody else use VSCode for writing OBS Python scripts?
  16. R

    OBS stops responding when setting scene within timer callback (Python Script)

    Hi all, I've been working on a python script which is a countdown timer pretty much like the Advanced Scene Switcher, but with customised funcionality for myself. The timer callback seems to work just fine, however when I try to set the scene from within the timer_callback function, the log...
  17. M

    script to start stop live schedule time, change title random list, change midia, loop automatic

    my lives 24/7, but youtube max 8hs record, need stop live after 7hs, change title and midia and start live, loop automatic, script its possible? exist? thanks very match
  18. HisZd

    Lua Filter Source Can't Get Parent Sceneitem

    I am trying to create a filter source that manipulates the parent sceneitem's visibility using timers. I have successfully retrieved the parent source and scene, but when I try and use obs_scene_sceneitem_from_source(scene, source) I just get nil. I will attach my script, but it is VERY messy...
  19. khaver

    OBS Lua DeBlemish Filter Script 3.0

    Lua script to add a de-blemishing filter. Add the DeBlemish filter to your source. Click the "Select color" button and click "Pick Screen Color" and select a pixel in the skin. Click "OK". Check the "Show mask" box and use the sliders and Hue, Saturation and Value checkboxes to adjust the...
  20. R

    (Python) Memory management in scripts?

    I don't usually write programs or scripts which require memory management, so I have been looking at some scripts which has code like obs_data_get_array and later on they release the array using obs_data_array_release. When do I have to release references? When I am doing properties references...