I asked ChatGPT to make a script in which my viewers can play audios from my folder just by typing ! and the audio file name.


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[chat-script.lua] Error running file: [string "C:/Program Files/obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/..."]:107: attempt to call field 'obs_register_script' (a nil value)
I'm getting this error , and the separators are / and not \ [/ MAC] [\Windows]


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What does the chatbot say about that error? It's supposed to use a conversation model and a trial-and-error approach. So it gives you a first guess, you're supposed to tell it what's wrong with it, it fixes those problems (or at least tries to), you tell it what's still wrong, etc.

These things are not intelligent, by the way. They just mash together whatever they found on the internet. Sometimes it just happens to work, and it tickles your brain in a similar way that the plagiarized or infringed original did, but that's all it is. Massive intellectual property theft with wildly-variable results.


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ChatGPT is not a programmer, it just puts together strings of text that it thinks belong together. It requires supervision and correction from someone who understands the subject. Do not expect to get functional scripts out of ChatGPT.