Needing help with getting scripts to work for Mac.


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Hi, I'm pretty new to OBS and I was trying to mess around with it and see what I could do. I used to really like watching Pokémon videos and I really liked how most of the YouTubers would use a layout. The one thing that really caught my eye in these layouts was the fact that if they were to catch a new Pokémon and it went into their party the layout would automatically update with it. So I wanted to learn how to do that. The first thing I did was watch this video. I then got stuck at the part where I needed python. Every time I tried to get python to load into OBS it would not work. I finally got it to work when I used a path via pyenv (I only figured this out by using this video). After that problem was fixed I really thought everything would be okay, but I was wrong because when I tried to load the script it would always give me an error. The GitHub for the Pokémon layout updater had a solution for this problem which was enter "pip install request" into a terminal and I did that, but nothing had actually changed and I was still getting the same error. I tried another script to see if it would work, but it also gave me an error which at this moment I have no idea how to fix. If anybody knows how to fix this or is willing to help me try to fix this I would be very happy for your help. Attached below is the pictures of the error message.

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Note that your first screen-shot is trying and failing to load the module "requests" with an S at the end, and the "pip" in your message specifies "request" WITHOUT an S. If that is not a typo, do the obvious. And then pip install pywinctl as well.

Find some "python on Mac" tutorials and run through them in a command-line session WITHOUT OBS. Write (or copy) and run some simple programs to get at least a little feel for Python and how it works and/or complains. Python is handy for all kinds of things, so it's worth a bit of time.

If you can import these modules in a command line session, but not under OBS, there may be a path issue with how OBS runs Python. I don't know Mac, so I can't offer any suggestions on that