1. S

    How to play a Steam videogame and have OBS opened over the videogame?

    Hi :) I have my camera set up, window capture, browser and ability to show subscribers hooked up to OBS. Problem is, I open my Steam videogame to play and lose OBS to just being on the desktop. I can only view OBS when the game I'm playing is closed and I return to my desktop. I'm trying to...
  2. S

    EOS Utility Software doesn´t work after update to OBS 30.x

    Hello Friends, i have (for me) big trouble because my Webcam (ESO M50) doesn´t work anymore after updating OBS to 30.0.0. I tried to reinstall the EOS Utility Software and restarted everything but i don´t get a picture of my Camera. It´s also weird because normally when my camera is shut of...
  3. G

    DSLR camera for recording high quality videos through OBS on Linux

    I run Manjaro KDE Wayland and I want to create high quality YouTube videos. I’m trying to find a good camera that I can connect though USB to my desktop to record through OBS, but also have it being portable to record in a outside area using a tripod and saving to internal storage or SD card...
  4. F

    How make a stream with 6 webcam

    Hi. I need to connect 6 webcams to stream with OBS. The cameras are Logitech Brio 4K. Does anyone have any idea how to make them work since it doesn't detect them all? When they connect there is lag and if it is with a USB Hub, not all of them connect.
  5. S

    Semi-free SiiliCam-Obs 1.0.9

    Experience lossless video integration like never before with SiiliCam-OBS. This specialized OBS Studio plugin taps into the power of NDI technology to offer seamless and lossless integration with SiiliCam—a mobile application for turning your phone into a high-quality camera. Control real-time...
  6. M

    Aggghhhh!!! iPhone no longer showing as a source!! :-(

    Hi there, I'm running OBS Studio 29.1.3 and have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I used to be able to plug the phone into the computer via the lightning to USB lead and then use the Video Capture Device source to add the phone to OBS. I'm no longer able to see my phone in that list :-( I've recently...
  7. D

    MacBook built-in camera not working after opening OBS

    I am using a MacBook Pro early 2015 running macOS Monterey. Every time I open OBS it doesn't recognize my built-in webcam as a source and then any program I've got on my Mac can't recognize it, for example: I open OBS, then I open FaceTime and it says "No camera available". Nothing changes if I...
  8. 2

    Camera Blurry when high motion

    I have been streaming MW2 to kick the past 2 weeks and my camera keeps going blurry. I have googled this and have tried multiple solutions like lighting and making camera taking up bigger portion of the screen but that gets to ridiculous when trying to balance me with the game. I have a high end...
  9. A

    Transform options blacked out

    I've been trying to flip my webcam horizontally. But when I click on transform all the options are blacked out. Please help.
  10. W

    OBS PTZ control- USB CAMERA

    Hi! I have a USB PTZ Camera that i use for streaming on YouTube and Facebook. I want to control the camera through OBS, more specifically Touch Portal. I have downloaded the PTZ Optics, and another, controller Plugin. Both Plug ins require the use of an IP camera... I can right click on the...
  11. O

    Camera shows "no signal black screen " after 30min inactivity / streaming

    can you try to contact OBS and gtw supports and ask why the camera shows "no signal black screen" after 30 minutes of inactivity on the camera, even though it is still connected?
  12. V

    Camera not working

    My PC's integrated camera is not working. It's clearly malfunctioning, it's been like this for a few days, and it never happened to me before. The camera is unstable, turning on and off or even freezing, and that is unsightly to see. I tried with Windows Update to see if anything improves, but...
  13. V

    The webcam doesn't work

    I don't know why, but the photocamera for my computer doesn't work. I use it as a webcam when I have to record certain videos, but today, it has been very unstable. It doesn't work properly and freezes whenever it turns on. I first noticed it on OBS, and it doesn't work with the photocamera...
  14. I

    Camera not showing in OBS

    Hello guys, so i just moved out and finally got to put my setup nicely. I've been used to stream with a hdmi video capture and a Lumix G7 for my camera. But since yesterday (and it has never happened to me before) , i just have nothing showing up in the properties window when i try to add my...

    OBS webcam filters doesn't work

    I have a camera named "Aneex" "V-CAM P220", I don't exactly know if this is a generic camera or not, the thing is that have a bad quality so I wanted to use the filter of OBS to improve it (video capture device > properties > setup video). For example, I want to increase the brightness, it just...
  16. K

    AForge C# WPF

    When using AForge to get images from OBS virtual camera nothing append. The new frame methode is not even call. Is it even possible to use AForge with OBS virtual camera ?
  17. W

    Way for OBS to automatically transition scenes?

    So I've began to start streaming myself playing drums and I was wondering how I could make OBS change cameras while I drum. I've seen 66Samus have this setup and I'm curious how I could do it? Basically what I want is to set up multiple cameras in different angles, like a shot above, a shot in...
  18. D

    webcam setup

    Hello, how to set up the camera? On Windows, you can change the brightness, contrast, white balance, etc. How to set up the same thing only on a macbook?
  19. FlyingFathead

    OBS Lua WebcamReload: Fix webcam or other USB video device freezes

    -- WebcamReload v1.1 -- A simple Lua script to reload your OBS Studio video source (webcam, other UVC sources...) every x minutes. -- From FlyingFathead ( -- For years, OBS has had a problem where UVC video sources (such as USB webcams) are freezing up...
  20. O

    Multiple Camera Connection Issue

    We have three Cannon M200 cameras and we cannot get OBS to recognize all three. It is only picking up one camera. All three devices are being recognized by our computer. HELP