1. S

    Camera delay when streaming Apex Legends (only Apex Legends)

    Streaming any game and my Camera + Audio is fine, but for some reason when streaming Apex Legends my Camera gets delayed almost instantly (20-30seconds and it slowly starts getting worse and worse) I use Logitech Capture and my Camera is Logitech C922, but im really lost rn, cause it only...
  2. M

    Configuration of the obs VirtualCam to be displayed in the device manager (needed for the android emulator)

    I need to use a virtual camera on an android emulator, is there any option for a virtual camera to be displayed in the device manager so that I can use it or maybe is there any App that will allow that?
  3. rse

    Free OBS Crop Control 2021-12-22

    This is a small HTML5 Single-Page-Application (SPA), running inside a Browser or directly inside a Source Dock of OBS Studio, for interactively controlling the position and/or size of one or more related Crop/Pad source filters in OBS Studio through a remote OBS WebSockets connection. The...
  4. miolo99

    Whatsapp desktop camera doesn't work with obs

    Hi to all, I have this problem from a few months. I installed obs for fun and now I have this problem (in photo). Can I set the wrong setting?
  5. Vivid_Nioc

    Webcam out of sync

    I've been using obs for a long time, but recently my camera has gone out of sync, going from no delay to about a second of delay to up to 5-ish seconds of delay! I use epoccam (using my phone as a webcam) EpocCam | that's the website in case it matters, my other webcam (logi c505)...
  6. S

    MultiCamer Viewer Choice

    Copied from Twitch Extension Developer Forums: Hello Twitch & Twitch Developers, I had the idea and I think this an inevitably awesome feature idea to have multiple camera angles set up as separate streams within the same stream...
  7. jgygghbhjhf


    what i do if when im turning on my virtual camera plugin im getting BSoD how i can reinstall? how i can remove/change?? why my windows 7 computer is crashing??? i need re-install Windows 7????
  8. J

    Scene Change Cameras not working

    Hey guys I have a problem. When I change the scenes or start OBS, it often happens that the camera is not displayed. Is this because of OBS or Elgato Cam Link or because I have a webcam and a camera connected to the PC? Does anyone know what to do?
  9. L

    Problem with OBS & Sony camera! Help!

    Major Camera Latency/Buffering Issue Help! I’ve been trying to solve this issue the past few days. It’s been driving me nuts! So, I’m running a Sony A6000 as a video capture device and it has buffer/latency/lag. But not any normal lag like the one you change your audio a few ms forward or...
  10. P

    OBS Cameras Freeze Mid Stream

    Hi. I have 2 cameras connected for my stream. Mid stream the cameras often freeze. To restart them I have to go in to properties change the camera source to something else (OBS Virtual Camera) then back again and they unfreeze. Both camera's freeze at the same time and this can happen several...
  11. H

    PC Turned Shut Down when using virtual cam

    Hello, I am using zoom & the virtual camera parallelly. But after using 20/25 minutes my laptop shut down automatically. Please give me a suggestion of what can I do now?
  12. A

    Video slowing down, then speeding up (What is my bottleneck?)

    Hi everyone. We've somewhat recently started doing short streams and recording videos. However, all my knowledge on this stuff is based on streaming 8 years ago so it's all a bit scuffed for the time being I guess. Now we have a Logitech Rally camera as a video input. This camera is...
  13. dev47

    DroidCam OBS Camera 2.3.1

    The DroidCam OBS plugin lets you connect your phone and get high quality audio & video directly into OBS Studio, just like a regular camera source. No need for a separate client, less software = more resources for your production! Connect as many devices as you want, using WiFi or USB*. Free...
  14. T

    Camera shows up as device, but no output from it.

    Hi, I recently bought a capture card to use with my DSLR camera so that I could use it as a webcam. However, when I try to add it as a video capture device on OBS Studio it shows up but the screen is just black and there is no output, while it works fine for discord and anything else. Any ideas...
  15. ramoses

    Automatically change Source to first layer

    Hi, I'm pretty new to OBS, but I am already using some plugins and learning a lot with the community. So here is the thing: I have one Scene (Cameras) that I need to have all my 3 cameras. I have all the cameras in only one Scene because I won't have to individually add all 3 cameras for each...
  16. alex_el_broder

    No me deja configurar la configuracion de video de mi webcam

    Hola cuando yo abro las propiedades de la fuente de la camara y intento abrir la configuracion de video no me deja mover los ajustes solo el brillo y no se por que alguien que me pueda ayudar Hello when I open the properties of the camera source and I try to open the video settings, it...
  17. M

    Camera keeps freezing during streaming

    Hello guys, I'm sure it has been mentioned here more than once but I just want to share this so hopefully OBS will get an update with bugfix soon. Like the title says my camera keeps freezing every few minutes during streaming. This has been going on since udate 26.1.1. We use OBS for church...
  18. T

    Strange Camera Problem

    Hey all, running into a weird video problem with my camera. I use a video capture hdmi to usb card to go from my sony a7r3 into my streaming computer. The video preview on the camera itself is correct, as well as the preview in the settings, but not the actual stream display. Example below...
  19. D

    OBS Camera issues with Canon

    So I had my camera working fine in 1080p but I accidentally hit the defaults button when I was in the properties for 'camera'. Now it wont go higher than 720x576. I tried custom resolution/FPS type but when I type in anything different it black screens the camera. Any idea?
  20. Speeter

    Is it possible to change the OBS virtual camera offline image?

    Is it possible to change the OBS virtual camera offline image? Thanks