1. ezobtera

    Is it possible to switch scenes when the USB Camera turns off?

    I am using a Canon 550D connected to my Mac via HDMI Video capture. Since it is an old camera, it turns off every 30mins. When that happens, it shows the Color Bars as my video feed. It is a little embarrassing when used during live video chats and meetings. Is there a way to automatically...
  2. G

    my camera crashes as soon as I turn on the stream

    Hello! does anyone know how to solve why the camera settings were never changed and now I'm giving it
  3. BenOnOBS

    Glitches while capturing my Camera

    Hello, When I capture my camera (HDMI to USB through a video capture adapter) I have glitches while recording. And thoses glitches are also viewable when I play the video file created. My CPU usage is around ~6% ~10% when recording. Here is my log file...
  4. N

    Gridfam camera not showing but name tag does appear

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get Gridfam on my OBS and it does seem to show up, including the name tag and the frame, but there is no video feed. I've tried multiple cameras (internal & externals) and browsers as well as creating new video sources and updating OBS. Any advice would be welcome...
  5. G

    Camera freeze in obs

    Hi, sorry if my english it is not correct, im from Argentina. I use obs to stream in twitch. Yesterday i had an issue. I was streaming, everything was working great, when i realized that my camera got freezed. The game and everything on the screen was great, the issue was only the camera. I hope...
  6. H

    How to check resolution of image coming into OBS?

    How can I check the actual resolution of the image coming into OBS? I have an external camera that should be 1080p but it looks the same or worse than the (Built In) HD Camera MBP which is 720. I also have two HDMI capture cards bringing in an image from another computer. How do I confirm...
  7. C

    Camera shutting off, and then OBS crashes without any log

    So, whenever i go to the properties of my webcam... It shuts off. When i remove the camera to add it back, OBS crashes... And then it just sits in the background doing nothing. Nothing i've tried can close the process in the background (other than restarting my computer). Any help?
  8. Blootrix

    Source Duplicating Last Frame When Turned On

    Hey! First off, massive thank you for trying to help. I recorded a video to explain my issue as it's a little complicated and I don't want there to be any confusion. Any help would be fantastic, thanks!
  9. W

    increasing webcam resolution

    Hello, I have a USB webcam. I can use OBS to record video from it up to 640x480. If I select any of the higher resolution options (1280x720, 1920x1080, 2592x1944) the webcam feed is basically static in the preview, and in any recording. Can I fix this in some way, or is it just the limitation...
  10. L


    Broadcasting . It's time to develop your own plugin for OBS. I think so. improve broadcast quality with the new Broadcast app. It turns any room into a streaming Studio and transforms standard Webcams and microphones. It's time for ordinary people to write a plugin or program. For obs.
  11. DeckerEgo

    TallyOBS: Push scene changes to WiFi-enabled tally lights

    DeckerEgo submitted a new resource: TallyPi: Push scene changes to WiFi-enabled tally lights - A tally light platform that doesn't require remote connections into your OBS instance Read more about this resource...
  12. R

    Eos webcam utility lagging

    I have a i5 9600k and a rtx 2060 I use the eos rebel t6 with a mini usb cable plugged straight into my computer When I use eos webcam utility it lags and stutters a lot Does anyone know what the issue is?
  13. S

    Saving footage separately while streaming through OBS

    Hi! I'm pretty new to OBS and streaming and I'm trying to figure out how to do something. When I do art streams I have a one camera filming me, and one filming my art. Is there a way to save the camera recordings separately instead of in one file from stream? I want to be able to use the...
  14. arunki

    Camera image: sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't

    Hi, guys Here is the log file: I had to cancel my lives because i have a camera issue in my new notebook. The camera seems to be working fine in Zoom and in the windows app, but in OBS it is not stable. It takes a while to OBS to show the image and...
  15. S

    Problem when my camera starts recording

    Hello ! My handycam (HC-V160) connects to my pc through the EZCAP HD 60. On hardware level this means mini HDMI to HDMI. Now, the OBS does recognize this connection as a "webcam source". But when I press the "REC" button of the camera, then OBS turns black. When I stop the recording, I can see...
  16. E

    OBS Don't see camera

    When I open camera app it shows my camera. I am closing this app and then opening OBS. I have added camera and activated it. There was no choice to select any camera device. Every other camera app see camera. I have closed any other apps using camera, but OBS don't even see the camera! Something...
  17. J

    change scene with the microphone

    I have been trying to build a script with python3 in linux that does the following but there is no case: Have 3 scenes and in each one of them a camera, and they change according to who is talking. How would I do this? link a microphone to each person and that when one of them speaks...
  18. S

    Webcam works, but not in OBS

    Hi, my problem is pretty much what the title says. I have a webcam that use to work (around a month ago was the last time I used it), and suddenly it just stopped working in obs. I tried restarting my pc, changing the usb port it was connected to, creating a new capture under sources, nothing...
  19. J

    Question / Help Zoomable, Auto-Focus Cameras that work with OBS?

    (Located in the USA) My church is moving this weekend from recording our services to live streaming. In order to properly live stream I need one auto-focus camera (maybe more later if we find a great model) we can connect via USB (would HDMI also work??) to our Windows-based computer, with...
  20. E

    Question / Help Video lags with ipevo document camera

    I am using the ipevo document camera as my source for both audio and video. The audio comes out fine but the video lags big time, and seems to get even worse (virtually stuck) later in the video. Windows 10 on old PC that still does other things in life fine. Any chance here or just get new...