OBS Cameras Freeze Mid Stream

Hi. I have 2 cameras connected for my stream. Mid stream the cameras often freeze. To restart them I have to go in to properties change the camera source to something else (OBS Virtual Camera) then back again and they unfreeze. Both camera's freeze at the same time and this can happen several times in a stream. I have a time stamp on my stream now so that I can track down the exact location in the log files when it happens. Here's the section from the camera freeze today (full log also attached):

16:43:30.374: warning: mjpeg_decode_dc: bad vlc: 0:0 (000001CDCCC3DE48)
16:43:30.374: error: error dc
16:43:30.374: error: error y=105 x=15
16:43:34.439: OnGotFocus
16:43:34.464: QWidget::focusInEvent: reason 7: https://obs.streamelements.com/facebook-chat/bootstrap
16:43:34.464: OnSetFocus: source: system
16:43:34.465: OnGotFocus
16:43:35.640: Device 'Rode Mic (Focusrite Usb Audio)' invalidated. Retrying
16:43:38.690: WASAPI: Device 'Rode Mic (Focusrite Usb Audio)' [48000 Hz] initialized
16:45:40.388: obs-browser: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'slice' of undefined (source: about:srcdoc:644)
16:45:47.698: QWidget::focusOutEvent: https://obs.streamelements.com/facebook-chat/bootstrap

After looking at other posts I think this may have started happening when I replaces one of my basic cameras with a Logitech C920 although I don't know if this is relevant?

Please could someone help me decipher the errors reported in the log file mean so that I can try and work out what the problem may be? Thanks.


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Same again. Both cameras freeze mid stream at 16:09:29 in the attached log file. Seems to also affect my mic temporarily but that starts up again.

16:09:29.810: error: overread 8
16:09:29.810: warning: EOI missing, emulating
16:09:34.839: Device 'Rode Mic (Focusrite Usb Audio)' invalidated. Retrying
16:09:37.882: WASAPI: Device 'Rode Mic (Focusrite Usb Audio)' [48000 Hz] initialized


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