1. T

    FaceCam kept at 30fps

    I have a problem with my Facecam. The problem occurred when I got my new computer. So on my other computer, my facecam would always record in 60fps no problem. Never changed anything about it in the settings. But now with my new PC I had to reinstall OBS and everything. But now my Camera isn't...
  2. M

    Logitech USB cameras

    Hi, I am using Logitech usb cameras like PTZ pro2 and C920 and c922. As well as other ptz camera from other manufacturer like Jimcom. What i am experiencing is that OBS can not handle two same sources at the same time. When connecting the second one the first one disappears and no picture...
  3. AdrienCasier

    Logitech G Hub Integration v1.0.0

    OBS Logitech G Hub Integration This is a plugin for OBS Studio exposing actions to G HUB, allowing users to take control of their OBS setup through Logitech G peripherals. I used the source code from ghub-obs-plugin (official plugin from Logitech), updated their dependencies and encapsulated...
  4. djquartz

    Logitech C270 Camera not working (Win10)

    I've been having a problem where my C270 will not working in obs. If I uninstall via device manager and redetect it will start working intermittently. Sometimes when I shut down obs and relaunch it will work intermittently. However, it works 100% in the Win10 camera app. It's the only camera...
  5. M

    webcam lag

    hi, i have 4 webcam and 2 of them are very lagged (not always the same 2). 3 of them are the same model. what could be happening? i'm on debian based distro. thanks :)
  6. P

    Microphone Audio Issue

    I just purchased the Logitch G X Pro Wired headset. After plugging it in and updating everything, OBS was picking up my desktop audio properly, but for my microphone audio it picked up my mic AND the desktop audio… never used a headset with a mic built in like this for OBS how do i resolve this?
  7. toms0013

    Logitech StreamCam 4:3 Aspect Ratio.

    So, I have just purchased a streamcam thinking it was my best bang for the buck for quality. It works fine using Logitechs Capture software on its own for direct recording through logitechs software not using OBS. However if I add the camera to OBS directly (Using the stream cam as a source not...
  8. P

    Solution for Logitech C920 loosing configuration settings - CamProps by Roland Weigelt

    I just got myself Logitech C920 and on first use in OBS I noticed that camera settings are frequently reset. These are some cases when configuration is lost: - restarting computer - pulling camera out of USB - restart OBS - let camera turned off by OBS when not in use and then not using it -...
  9. P

    OBS Cameras Freeze Mid Stream

    Hi. I have 2 cameras connected for my stream. Mid stream the cameras often freeze. To restart them I have to go in to properties change the camera source to something else (OBS Virtual Camera) then back again and they unfreeze. Both camera's freeze at the same time and this can happen several...
  10. H

    Logitec C922 video not working

    I recently installed the new software update for OBS. The problem: Camera does not show up on OBS at all. Audio is recognized but no video at all. Attempted solutions: 1. Deleted and reinstalled app 2. Tried different USB ports 3. Deleted and reinstalled software for camera 4. Tried to use...
  11. A

    Micro freezes with my C920 webcam

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a Logitech C920, and I have some micro freezes with it, but only when i'm trying to put a custom reslution/fps etc.. and I don't want my webcam to be at 4:3 ratio. They're not that annoying for the people who are looking at me while streaming, but they are...
  12. D

    Webcam keeps lagging and getting delayed

    Hey! I have some troubles with my webcam, so I'm gonna try and explain it as good as I can. :) Okay so I'm using a Logitech StreamCam as webcam for my streams. Whenever I play heavier/bigger games the webcam starts getting delayed inside OBS. Sometimes it even starts disconnecting, like, you...
  13. T

    C615 Webcam Overlay Makes my Game stream Laggy

    Hi guys, i'm new in streaming and i have currently experiencing a problem. When i add a camera overlay to my scene in OBS, my game becomes laggy and eventually hangs. So i disconnect and reconnect my capture card to display it again in the preview of OBS. but when i remove my camera overlay...
  14. kajtielplu

    No H264 option in OBS

    My Logitech C920 (serial number: 8E6EF41F) is set to YUYV 4:2:2 by default. With YUYV, I am unable to use HD video dimensions and also have an FPS higher than 10. Using the following command, I can set it to use H264. v4l2-ctl -d 1 --set-fmt-video=pixelformat=H264 However, when I open OBS, the...
  15. V

    Question / Help logitech c922 settings

    I am attempting to record (and eventually live stream) with OBS using my Logitech C922 camera. However, the video quality does not seem as smooth as it can be. Does anyone know of optimal settings for the Logitech C922 for recording and streaming with OBS?
  16. M

    Question / Help Logitech Brio has Green Bars that are Screen Tearing NonStop

    I recently got a Logitech Brio. I set it up and got it all ready in OBS. When I turn it on this happens: THIS I've never had this issue is there anything I can do in OBS? or with the Webcam?
  17. M

    Question / Help OBS and Logitech Webcam

    Recently had to reinstall Windows 10 and now whenever I go to Properties>Configure Video on my webcam I get these generic settings instead of the Logitech ones I used to have. I found a thread from 2018 where someone had the same problem and their solution was to update the Logitech drivers but...
  18. H

    Question / Help Logitech C920 & C922 Not Working Well Together

    I've been using my C922 for over a year now, and recently got a C920 as another camera. When I add the C920, it appears as more of a square, about 1440 x 1080, instead of 1920 x 1080. Adjusting the camera settings in Logitech Camera Settings does nothing. Installing USB drivers into both...
  19. V

    Question / Help OBS - Audio sounds base / treble boosted - logitech issue ?

    Hello, Ever since I formatted and installed win10 onto my pc, the audio got worse on OBS than it did on win7. Whilist testing between my Logitech G930 headset and speakers while recording, the audio seemed bit more"muffled"or bass/treble boosted when i was recording game audio through the...
  20. B

    Question / Help Pixely/Blocky c920 Footage in High Motion Sections of Stream

    First and foremost, thank you to anyone who can offer assistance. Problem: While streaming, my c920 camera gets super pixely/blocky in high motion moments. The game Path of Exile, aRPG, looks fine, just seems to be camera quality. My rig isn't anything amazing, and I'm in a position to...