Solution for Logitech C920 loosing configuration settings - CamProps by Roland Weigelt


I just got myself Logitech C920 and on first use in OBS I noticed that camera settings are frequently reset.

These are some cases when configuration is lost:

- restarting computer
- pulling camera out of USB
- restart OBS
- let camera turned off by OBS when not in use and then not using it
- changing fps or some other parameter in camera properties that couses camera to restart
- basically every time camera is turned of and on or restarted by some software

Interestingly, although I thoroughly checked various sources about this camera before buying it, i did not find a clue about this issue it has. I found it out after I installed it. If I knew I would seriously think of not buying it.

So i spent time trying to find soultion for this issue, realizing that this is bug inLogitech software thet sems they have no intent to resolve.

And then i found this:

Roland Weigelt's
A free utility for quickly adjusting and managing the properties of webcams and other video capture devices.


This free application is very helpful solution. It allows user to access camera configuration directly, which means user does not have to install bulky and for other purposes not useful Logitech software just to be able to open this configuration.

In addition, it saves configuration.

Well, it cannot make buggy Logitech camera driver to save and load configuration, but it does save configuration for itself so user can easily, in one click, restore that saved configuration instead having to reconfigure camera by hand, each time configuration is reset.

CamProps is not targeted specificaly to Logitech C920. It works with any camera that uses similar means of configuration.

Kudos to Roland for good job!