1. T

    low file size without losing too much quality

    i stream around 5 hours and recordings usually end up being around 30-50GB with 25 CQP slow preset, was wondering if there is a way to lower the file size without losing too much quality. i usually do 1440p for youtube but if i were to do 1080p how low can i go with settings without losing too...
  2. M

    My recording quality never changes

    I watched many videos on youtube with optimal settings, but all of these work the same - ugly quality I changed my resolution, bitrate and much more, but it's still the same 144p (or 720p idk) Uninstalling doesnt work too Please help
  3. M

    OBS Lag When Recording Streaming

    THE CQP 23 was on CBR 51000 kbps, then got recommended to change it to CQP, but I need good stream settings that doesn't lag when I'm playing VR, cause it only lags when I play VR. I have i9-9900k, 3080 and 64 GB 2800 mhz, can I have some recording settings and good stream settings, please
  4. Zalarian

    Not able to initially access ok button due to popup window size

    Hello, I found a thread similar to mine on this forum here but not complete. I found the global.ini file under %APPDATA%\obs-studio but didn't see a wikndow size property I was looking for..only x and y coordinates for [PropertiesWindow] and [InteractionWindow]. I tried changing those but...
  5. Porygondolier

    Jittery Lines and Washed Out Colours

    Hello, my PC really isn't up to much of anything, but I'm trying to get the most out of OBS. I'm mostly recording Pokemon Red playthroughs with a custom overlay at the sides. In you look particularly at the top box with the badges in on the left hand side, you can see some weirdness with the...
  6. 2


    Just wandering if anyone had any insight on what settings i should use for keyframe interval and FFmpeg options. thanks in advance
  7. A

    Some of my settings are grayed out.

    Hello ! I do not know why when I use my OBS, my settings are almost all greyed out, even when I'm not streaming, recording or using my virtual camera. Can anyone help me please ?
  8. O

    Best Settings for AMD CPU/GPU Twitch

    Hey guys, i bought a new pc and want to know which settings are the best for streaming on twitch. My specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D GPU: AMD RX 7900 XTX Upload Speed are over 100mbs RAM: 32GB Resolution: 2560x1440 I tried AMD H.264, keyframe 2, max. b-frame 1, AMF: MaxNumRefFrames=4...
  9. JusJayD

    OBS 30.0.2 Websocket Settings

    I recently did a fresh install of OBS 30.0.2 and I am struggling to find the websocket settings under tools since the websocket is now intergrated. Is there another place to find these settings? My Mix It Up Bot is having a hard time connecting to obs.
  10. T

    OBS has different settings

    My friends' OBS has CRF and CPU usage preset while mine doesn't. My OBS has the black theme and his has the gray one.
  11. L

    OBS Stream Settings

    I recently got a new laptop and I never tried streaming before, so I wanted to ask the forum what settings I should have. I wanted to try and stream a few games on Twitch, primarily "Space Engineers." I don't think it matters, but I am currently running Arch Linux. If I am missing any...
  12. A


    I have a i9-10900k and rtx 3080... i usualy play mafia bannerlord gta cs2 but idk why every setting i try it wont record smoothly in 4k 60fps... any help with some settings ? pls...
  13. A

    Small Stutters / Check Settings Correct

    Hi Everybody, Decided to re-post as i am still not sure i have everything correctly. Originally i thought it was just a bit-rate problem. My intention is to Record gameplay at 60fps, 4k with no quality loss. Could someone kindly help me set this up? i have tried with numerous tutorials but i...
  14. W

    Any idea how to make my Apex Stream not turn into Roblox!?

    Been trying all sorts of settings to stream apex on kick and I'm just not having any luck anytime I get into gun fights my stream becomes pixelated and unbearable to watch. PC is AMD Ryzen 7 8 core, RTX2070, 16gb RAM. Attached are a few logs from some streams if someone could please guide me in...
  15. P

    So I opened OBS and all my settings have been reset to default. Is there any way I can revert this?

    I think this is probably because of the safe mode message that always pops up to me after I turn on my system since I don't remember to close OBS (which always has replay buffer on) before turning windows off. I think I might have clicked to open safe mode accidentally, and now my settings are...
  16. S

    Colours are faded & darker tones crushed

    Log file: In-game: Recorded: Video recording: As you can see the colours are faded, having lost their boldness, while the darker tones been crushed. My...
  17. J

    Windows capture not showing the Windows Settings screen

    I am trying to capture the windows settings screen via Windows Capture. The problem is that next to the open screens I don't have the settings screen in the overview of the open screens. How can I get this done ?? Regards Jacques
  18. mucks

    a lil pixelated and dunno what to do

    okay, so im trying make my streams look decent and without some of the pixels innit. i switched between cpu encoder and gpu encoder to see if its any good, but cant really tell the difference. im struggling with the settings of it and still have no clue what to do with it to make it look better...
  19. S

    What are the best settings for my specs and i dont want it to get like 5 fps

    CPU:Intel core I5 480m GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6370m RAM:6GB DDR3
  20. F

    Record & Stream Output and Setup Presets

    Sometimes I record. Sometimes I stream. I need different audio settings for each and would love to save presets for both the Output settings and general Source settings. Example: When I RECORD, I like to have my three audio sources recorded to three separate tracks so I can mix them as I see...