1. F

    How do i get my stream as smooth as possible

    Hello Currently im streaming dark souls 2 And i would like to make the stream looks more smooth and look like it has more than 100hz even though the game capped at 60fps i think i can make it looks more smoother on the stream cuz i saw some people doing it and i couldnt figure out how So i...
  2. M

    6900xt Settings!

    Hy All! What settings do you recommend me for 6900xt obs streaming? So far, I have had 3080 streamer cards should be set to make the picture beautiful. Radeon is a new world for me. Currently not the most beautiful . Thank you in advance for your answer.
  3. G

    Most efficient 4k60 recording settings for 2021?

    Hello! I'm trying different settings to set dual PC 4k60 gameplay recording. Looking for good quality, but within reason. Saw couple "lossless" tutorials on the web, but people get absolutely ridiculous files with 1 million bitrate, which is more than ProRes or other barely compressed codecs...
  4. F

    How to configure for NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 GPU?

    My work computer was optimized for graphics and streaming and has the following specs: CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz GPU 0 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 GPU 1 - NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 This is for live church services and classical music concerts - so not a lot of movement...
  5. H

    OBS won't stream 1080p60fps BUT

    I'll try to keep it short: I have an i5 9400F and an RX 570 8GB (and 8GB RAM) 30-50 mbs upload (wifi, no chance for a cable atm) When I tried to stream 1080p60fps with the AMD encoder it was lagging badly BUT AMD app lets me livestream straight from it and apparently it works to stream...
  6. MagHins

    My game itself runs rather smoothly, but there is still a few freezes throughout the recording.

    Hi there! I've been trying to do a few Subnautica recordings for a project of mine, but as stated in the title I still get a few freezes throughout the clip. I've capped the game fps at 120 Idk if specs is needed but here is a few:i7-9700k, 16gb ram and 2080 rtx. Here is the log as well...
  7. S

    Best settings for my PC pls!

    I also cannot use the NVENC mode.
  8. lankyandtheguy

    M1 Settings Help (WILD Setup)

    Hello OBS World! First time poster, relatively new streamer (about a month into the game). Getting right into it... My problem: random unstable bitrate/Frames missed/video issues while streaming. I've had the same amount of cameras and setup the entire time I've been streaming. First three...
  9. J

    Fps Check

    Sorry this may sound dumb as i am a new user, but how do I check the fps of a video on OBS. Thanks!
  10. Z

    Video looks laggy / not 60fps

    log file; so im playing with over 100fps but the video i got after recording doesnt look that smooth at all the cq level is 15 and the keyframe interval is 2 btw idk why but it keeps changing to my language number thing. my spec is rtx2060 ryzen 5...
  11. K

    Display Capture Not Working On New Computer

    Hello. I have been using OBS for years to screen capture events for my job. I have used it on two different computers before but now on my new computer I cannot get the display capture to work. I checked all of the settings and made sure that they matched up exactly with what I had on my...
  12. I


    hi Guys I built my pc today and downloaded OBS. I only built this PC for streaming, nothing else is done on the PC. I'll tell you my components that I have installed. Mainboard: Gigabyte B450m s2h CPU: AMD RYZEN 3 3200g RAM: G.SKILL AEGIS 16GB Internet line: 50mb / s upload I stream...
  13. E

    Which OBS Settings?

    Hello, Which OBS Settings can i use for streaming problemless? CPU: i7 7700 3,60ghz with turboboost 4,2ghz GPU: rtx 2060 6gb oc RAM: 16gb ddr4 2400mhz dualchannel mode thanks in advance
  14. V

    Problem Fix with OBS (Bad Quality)

    Alright, I had this problem and I know a lot of other people have this problem that has the desire to create content, just like me. I'm not gonna waste any time, I'm going straight to the point. First, let me explain why OBS looks bad. So, it's your Bitrate. First of all, I'm going to link a...
  15. A

    I have tried so many mic filters yet I have no way of getting rid of keyboard and mouse sounds...

    All I want to do is return to recording gameplay videos but I have become a bit of a perfectionist and can't stand hearing my keyboard and mouse sounds in my recordings. The sounds are as loud as my normal voice so a noise gate doesn't do much. Any help? Possible solutions? Thanks!
  16. P

    Screen recording gets blurry when zoomed

    Hey there, I am recording my screen but while editing it gets a bit blurry. I am recording a tutorial not a game, so there are not a lot of moving elements on the screen. So in a way, I am asking to record a high-quality recording setting. The following are my settings. I have tried...
  17. S

    No configuration

    Well, When I open the configuration in OBS I can not change a lot of things, what can I do?
  18. Y

    When I press "X" on OBS program, it closes rather than going into System Tray

    Please add an option in OBS Settings System Tray to include "Close button will make the program go to System Tray". Every single launcher in existence goes to System Tray when pressed X/Close, but this is the only 'live'/'service' program in existence that fully closes when pressed X, why?
  19. T

    Dell Inspiron 15 5567 OBS Settings

    Hi Guys, These are my current specs: CPU - Intel i5-7200U @ 2,5Ghz GPU - AMD RADEON R7 M440 4GB - Dedicated GPU - Intel HD Graphics 620 - Integrated RAM - 16 GB @ 2400Mhz - Used to have only 8gb but I added another 8gb I use OBS to record reaction videos on my YouTube...
  20. L

    Can Someone help me to match OBS Recording Settings for my Laptop?

    Hello, let's say I record a video on youtube, with OBS, or any game or anything. when I import it into premiere pro, the premiere will work so slow, it will slow down even if I only make cuts. But let's say i install a video using any youtube video downloader, the premiere pro it's going to work...