1. R

    If anyonen can help me with a program to use virtual obs cam and adjust the correct settings for it please?

    I am trying to use obs virtual cam with a application called Oranumcam which is for my work which is live streamed. I the requirements for the live feed I am not exactly sure of. but, here is what it states on the site help for Oranumcam... Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit, Mac OS X 10.16 or...
  2. D


    So I want to see if anyone knows what specific settings are best optimized for my PC specs. I have a vague idea through trial and error but I'm trying to avoid turning certain settings up that don't work well with my current hardware (for example had color range to full instead of limited and...
  3. O

    OBS Settings ¡HELP!

    Hello! I need help to be able to configure and optimize my OBS for better performance. Specifications of my PC: -GTX 1660 Super 6GB - Ryzen 5 4500 - 16GB RAM I can normally use 2500 bitrate and there are days that up to a maximum of 3000 I usually play Minecraft, Fall Guys, Fortnite, PS2...
  4. Akuma

    What are the best settings for my PC?

    CPU: i5 10400f 2.90GHz (4.30GHz Turbo), 6-cores 12-threads GPU: RX 6500 XT (has no encoders, thus I record through software only) RAM: 2x8 DDR4 Geil Evo Potenza 2666MHz 1920x1080@120Hz DisplayPort I want to record short gameplays, at minimum 1280x720@30 FPS. So what's the best CPU...
  5. P

    Best Settings for my Laptop

    My specs: CPU: i5-5200U GPU: Intel HD 5500 and Geforce 820M RAM: 4gb DDR3 HDD: wdc wd10jpcx-24ue4t0 I want to be able to record 1080p 60 fps or atleast 30. I just have to record a browser and desktop screen but no games.
  6. I

    Problem with settings

    in the advanced settings of the output encoder, there are no encoder options available, what should I do?
  7. C

    HELP!! PLS OBS SETTINGS(configuración de obs para) FOR RTX 2060 12gb/ intel 11th gen/ 16gb ram. Ayuda por favor/ pls help

    Ayuda por favor// help me please
  8. M

    What bitrate do you suggest for 2560x1440?

    I have RTX 3060 so even in 120k bit rate it doesn't use any resources. However the output size becomes too high. For 2560x1440 pixel what optimal bitrate do you suggest? and also for 3840x2160 what optimal bitrate do you suggest? What audio bitrate do you suggest? I am recording in 60 FPS...
  9. Y

    OBS recording lags no matter what I do.

    All I want to do is record Cult of the lamb and thats pretty much it. It runs fine on Max settings but the OBS recording of it is just laggy and I cant seem to fix anything about it. I had a look through this thread...
  10. I

    Settings for iMac Intel i7 - 3,8 Ghz - 128 GB RAM - AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8GB

    I want to record Videos in 4K in OBS Studio Release 28.1.2 (64bit) Base screen 3840 x 2160 Output 3840 x 2160 FPS frames are set on 60 FPS Recording settings are set on USERDEFINED OUTPUT Container Format: Standard Videobitrate 64000 Kbps...
  11. S

    OBS V28 ....

    Hey all. do any have the same or have seen it befor. after the update to v28 - i dont see any error's befor i have a viewers who say min Transcoding is missing on Twitch. i have not change any settings form V27 to v28 but i have a feeling is a settings under adv options. there is the...
  12. B

    Separate Audio / Video Output Settings

    I'll keep it short and sweet, you should be able to record multiple audio tracks without switching to the advanced output mode. I've become proficient with it over the years but only out of necessity, and It still doesn't compare to using the high-quality presets in the simple output mode. I'm...
  13. Errorbot

    Encoding Overload Removing VAST Chunks of My Recording, What Do I Do?

    For the longest time, I have not used OBS. This is because my laptop's specs are abysmal and I could not find any way to optimize it (like I did with Minecraft.) Because of that, I used FBX as it would be really good for low-end pcs. Sadly, I have found out that does pose not allow you to record...
  14. END_MVP

    What are the best settings for my device?

    Hello everybody, I need to know if there is a better setup than what I have now. I most play and stream Minecraft. My laptop & internet speed: My settings now:
  15. J

    Optimized settings for Intel UHD 620

    I have tried to optimize every single setting in obs, and the best performance I can get is still less than other people with lower specs than me. Log: Is there any setting that I'm missing? Any way to further optimize my pc?
  16. frenchfryguy

    Best Settings for my low end pc

    So I want to record minecraft at 720p 48fps or better ( I have done it before) but some days my recording is smooth and some days it is not. My specs: AMD Athlon Silver 3050U with Radeon Graphics @ 2.30 GHz 4.00 GB (3.42 GB usable) x64 system...
  17. A

    When selecting mp4 automatically use mkv & remuxing instead.

    This might be a an unpopular opinion. But I think when someone chooses the mp4 format on obs to record in. It should in the background record mkv then automatically remux it to mp4 and delete the mkv file when finishing a successful recording. And instead of a warning it would instead be...
  18. R

    Downscaling 4k to 1080p on Xbox Series X

    I hope I can word this right as I’m not too good with obs software. I’ve been researching this for so long but just cannot seem to find the correct settings. I have an XSX that I play on a 4K monitor at 60FPS. I use an Elgato 4k60 pro. I want to play in 4K and record downscale to 1080p 60FPS...
  19. StarFallenJax

    OBS records seem choppy

    When I record, the output feels though as if I didn't have a high bitrate and has inconsistencies with pixels (I don't really know how to describe it). Am I doing something wrong?
  20. Taser9001

    Issue with Audio Tracks

    I stream shiny hunting on Twitch, and like to upload the highlights to my YouTube. However, what I tend to do is edit the highlights, add memes, silly music, that sort of thing, so what I always do is record multiple audio tracks, so I am able to remove all desktop audio from the recording...